Zhengyan Pond

The group of Zhengyan Colorful Ponds is originated from the left of Huanglong Valley. It has totally more than 500 ponds.

Thus, it is the largest scale of colorful ponds group at Huanglong Valley. It is also the calc-sinter ponds group with most different colors. It is said by experts that Zhengyan Colorful Ponds are as beautiful as Plitvice, the National Park in Yugoslavia.

Some pond banks are golden, while some are silver. Some ponds look like lotus, some like leaves of lotus; some are so small that can be hidden into one's sleeves, while some are as big as farm lands.

The water is so clear that withered tree sticks and aquatic plants under the button can be seen clearly. Because the different depth and the different reflections of sunshine, each pond has its own characteristic features. Some are as pure as angels; some are as gorgeous as pictures. Some are silent, some are vigorous.

It is a good place to feel the quietness of the nature and to enjoy the beauty of the nature. A trip to the pond will be a memmorable experience.