Rize Valley

The Pearl Beach

Shuzheng valley is the major tour route to Jiuzhaigou. More than 40% of the lakes and ponds are situated in the valley. They are Double-Dragon Lake, Bonsai Beach, Nuorilang Lake, Spark Lake, Tiger Lake, Shuzheng Waterfall, swan Lake, and Nuorilang Waterfall, etc.

Nuorilang Lake

The Nuorilang Lake is the starting spot of Rize Valley , famous for its blue water and overlapped, multi-colored waterfalls. In spring and summer, lake dikes arc half- submerged in water that seem to have energized everything. Autumn reddens the tree leaves, against the effulgent lake water. Winter sees water turn into ice that wraps and encloses the whole world.

Pearl Beach waterfall

With the highest drop 40m and width of 310 meter, the Pearl Beach Waterfall drops from the cliff and forms a crescent waterfall. Walking down ilie plank path, you will have a lull view of ihe waterfall. Its roaring, splashing, and rushing create the best water sight of Jiuzhaigou, because of tin; must rapid section of torrents here. The plank trail on the left of the rapids is the most ideal place to view the splashes of ihe waterfall.

The Swan Lake

Lying in deep valleys, it is noted for its glittering water, and dense fir woods on the banks. On the shallow beach are flowering plants and grasses in complete quiescence. On its fertile soil, swans are frequent visitors, to in habit and regenerate. As the swan is a migrating bird. and flies far away and comes back as seasons change, few tourists can see them.

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