Danyun Valley

Danyun Valley Scenic Resort is 18 kilometers far away from the east of Huanglong Valley. It is famous for the elegant valley scenery.

Danyun Valley is one of the five most famous scenic spots at Huanglong Scenic and Historic Interest Area. It is rich in tree species, bushes, flowers and trees. It is the paradise for plants amateurs.

Danyun Valley Scenic Resort starts at Yusun Peaks, and extends till to the Fan Cave. It is 18.5 kilometers in length and the average height difference is 1300 meters. The height difference between two peaks is 1000 to 2000 meters in general.

In winter, the resort is covered with white snow. In summer, it is filled with green trees. In spring, red azaleas blossom all over the valley. In fall time, the red maple leaves cover the whole valley. It looks as if the valley were covered with the red fire cloud from the sky. That is the reason why the valley calls Danyun Valley, which means the valley of the red fire cloud in Chinese. There are fogs rising at the forest almost every day at Danyun Valley. When entering it, people will feel as if they entered a fairyland.

It has dense forest in the valley. Peijiang River, whose fountainhead is from the Xuebaoding Peak, traverses among the unique stones and rocks, as if it were a huge white dragon. If Huanglong Valley is a grand movement of symphony music, Danyun Valley will be a colorful art-gallery.