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Zoomlion Awarded as National Outstanding Anti-quake Organization

Zoomlion Awarded as National Outstanding Anti-quake Organization

Write: Alphonso [2011-05-20]

Author: Zoomlion Source: Zoomlion 2008-10-14

At 10 o'clock on October 9, the ceremony honoring organizations and individuals for their contributions to relief work after the May 12 earthquake was held at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing. Zoomlion is one of the 320 organizations who are awarded National Outstanding Anti-quake Organization, and Jiang Min is one of the 517 Comrades who are awarded National Outstanding Anti-quake Individuals.

Hu Jintao and other leaders presented awards to the honored and addressed the event. On behalf of the only Hunan delegate accepting the award on the stage, Chun-Yang Wang, Senior Executive Officer of Zoomlion, and the anti-quake rescue team leader, gloriously accepts the honorable medal from the hands of president of Senior Vice President Xi Jinping.

The large earthquake in Sichuan Wenchuan, affected seriously to people s life and property, economic and social development in the areas of Sichuan, Gansu, and Shanxi. Facing this sudden large natural disasters, the whole party and people of all ethnic groups unite as one, united and formed a powerful fighting force in the earthquake disaster, and launched a magnificent fight to the earthquake, under the strong leadership of the Party Central Committee, the State Council and Central Military Commission.

Zoomlion embraces great love; turn its full attention to earthquake relief organizations at the first time in the emergency mobilization of human, financial, and material; and play role of a large-scale of high-performance engineering equipment. Zoomlion writes a page in the magnificent picture of earthquake relief.

To vigorously carry forward the great spirit of the earthquake relief, on August 20, the General Office of CPC Central Committee, the State Council General Office, and the General Office of the Central Military Commission jointly issued a do a good job on the national hero of collective relief and rescue model recommended by the selection which is in the name of CPC Central Committee, State Council and Central Military Commission to national relief groups and individuals.

Zoomlion from Hunan, was named a National Outstanding Anti-quake Organization by the anti-earthquake and rescue team of Ministry of Transportation. Li Kanghua, Li Wenli, Zeng Xiaoguan, XU Yaping, Jiang Aibing hornored as a national earthquake relief Model , in accordance with the selection process in early September for the public to the community.

After 5 12 large earthquake in Wenchuan, Zoomlion is the first rescue teams equipped with large-scale projects to enter Beichuan. On the occurring of Earthquake, Zoomlion rapidly establishes office of the earthquake rescue, deployment, command and relief work, and organized a 24-hour duty to protect the earthquake relief work smoothly.

On the same day, Sichuan branch company receives command from the headquarter volunteered to take the initiative to anti-quake from the Government of Sichuan Province; quickly rented back 10 cranes from local users, recruitment more than 20 machine hand; organized advancing team of the anti-quake, rushed to the heavily earthquake hit of Beichuan.

In the rescue of Beichuan secondary schools, Zoomlion s tonnage of large and medium-sized cranes played a key role, and has all along adhered to the final stage of the search and rescue. According to incomplete statistics, more than 200 of Beichuan secondary school buried students and teachers were rescued.

Zoomlion is the first arrived large-scale mechanized equipment rescue team in Wenchuan. On May 13th, Changsha Zoomlion headquarters rapidly mobilized 29 large construction machineries and equipments, more than 70 machine hands, and technical personnels to form the commando rescue, to the line of Sichuan.

Day and night all the way, we arrived in Chengdu at noon of 15th, is the first large-scale machineries and equipments rescue team from other provinces. Because the road from Dujiangyan to Wenchuan in Chengdu were all damaged away, Sichuan earthquake relief headquarters assigned Zoomlion earthquake relief commando pass 900 kilometers through the dangerous southern and northern Sichuan-Tibet line, and the Dadu River valley, through the most dangerous sections of the Red Army s long journey, entering the county Lixian and Wenchuan.

Zoomlion commando were driving more than 40 tons of large-scale equipments along the epicenter, the only and intermittent vulnerable lifeline of Wenchuan; at that time , experienced the rolling stones, and landslides brought by their aftershocks. After the test of life and death, the commando entered the Lixian County at 2 p.

m. on May 16th; at 3:30 p.m. on the 17th, arrived in Wenchuan County; and immediately started to clear the rubble and obstacles on the road, hoisted emergently, supplied water to the settlements, immunization and rescue operations in urban areas. When Zoomlion commando took orders to evacuate, Wenchuan earthquake relief headquarters presented them banner with the words thank Zoomlion warriors the first arrival of earthquake relief following armed forces to Wenchuan .

For Zoomlion s earthquake relief operations, the secretary of the Hunan Provincial Party Committee Zhang Chunxian wrote, Zoomlion sets a good image having the courage to act of people in Hunan and Governor Zhou Qiang wrote, Zoomlion s act reflects Hunan people s sincere heart to the people in disaster areas .
By the end of June, Zoomlion was named the Basic Party Organization of National Advanced Anti-quake by the Central Organization Department, and was granted banner workers pioneer of anti-quake by the China Federation of Trade Unions. At present, Zoomlion is coordinating the project in County Welfare Center of aiding Lixian.
Wang Chunyang, Senior Executive Officer, on the scene of Commending Ceremony
Zoomlion Awarded as National Outstanding Anti-quake Organization

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