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"Marching Hand in Hand, Making a Win-win with Happiness" China Three Gorges Project Corporation Spring Sodalit

"Marching Hand in Hand, Making a Win-win with Happiness" China Three Gorges Project Corporation Spring Sodalit

Write: Kornel [2011-05-20]
In January, 2010, when the coming new year met the end of Year of the Ox, the marketing team of China Three Gorges Tourism Development Co.,Ltd. held a sodality entitled Marching Hand in Hand, Making a Win-win with Happiness to celebrate the new spring.

Lead by Cao yanping, Party secretary and general manager of the company, Zhang Chao, deputy general manager of the company, and assistant managers Li Zhenyong and Zhang Yuqing, the marketing teams, which were made up of the members from the marketing department of the company, Great Three Gorges International Travel Agency, Three Geoges Project Hotel, and Jiuwanxi Tourism Company, held new year sodalities in Wuhan, Chongqing and Yichang, which are the three major hubs for the Three Gorges tourists, so as to show the company s gratitude to various fields of the local community for their care, support as well as help in the year 2009, which witnessed 1.

15 million person-times of tourists visiting the Three Goeges Dam, and, in addition, to discuss together the promising cooperation on the market in 2010. Those guests who attended the activities also included Zhang Dahua, director of Hubei Tourism Bureau, Cao Fushan, fellow at deputy director level, Sun Yimin, deputy director of Chongqing Tourism Bureau, Yang Dalun, deputy director of Chongqing Port and Maritime Board, Qu Peng, director of Yichang Tourism Bureau, and leaders of the large cruise lines as well as the major travel agencies that run travelling business in Three Gorges area in Wuhan, Chongqing and Yichang.

These parties not only marked the beginning of the marketing work of China Three Gorges Tourism Development Co.,Ltd. in 2010, but was the first time for the company s marketing teams to launch large-scale public marketing business as a whole. In this sense, it was a platform for the company to present its overall marketing impression, and to integrate the marketing resources of the resorts, hotels, travel agencies and transportation companies of this area. Meanwhile, according to all the participants, these activities also provided the travel companies that are engaged in Three Gorges tourism in Hubei Province and Chongqing City with a convenient communication platform.

During the sodality, the tourism leaders of Hubei and Chongqing provinces expressed their developing strategies and policy directios on supporting the Three Gorges Dam to become the top scenic spot in the Yangtze River and Three Gorges Tourism.The major cruise companies and travel agencies said that they would increase the sales promotion for the Three Gorges Dam and its associated resources in the major tourist generating regions.

The tour operators in Chongqing are active in planning to package the tourism products of the Three Gorges; tour operators from Wuhan said that they would make their efforts to enlarge customer base share of the Three Gorges Dam in central China and promotePromote cruise tourism into Jiuwanxi and the rafting; tour operators in Yichang conveyed that they had the common responsibility and mission to maintain the Three Gorges Dam's hallmark of tourism and they must make every endeavor to accomplish this win-win task.

According to statistics, the tourist reception of the Three Gorges Dam increased sharply before the Spring Festival in 2010 compared to 2009. The rate of increase approached 38%.

photo by Chen Wen, Deng Lizhong

Hubei Tourism Administration director Mr. Zhang Dahua attended Wuhan appreciation conference.

The company's leader toasted to Chongqing Tourism Administration deputy director Mr. Sun Yimin and Hongkong Aeronautics Administration deputy director Mr. Zhang Dalun.

Yichang Tourism Administration director Qupeng gave a speech.

At Chongqing appreciation conference, general manager Ms. Cao Yanping gave a appreciation speech.

At Yichang appreciation conference, deputy general manager Zhang Cao gave the welcoming speech.

At Wuhan appreciation conference, the company's assistant general manager Li Zhenyong gave the welcoming speech.

Tour operators in Yichang gathered together happily.