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Pristine Winter Sightseeing at Huangshan Mountain

Pristine Winter Sightseeing at Huangshan Mountain

Write: Anka [2011-05-20]

As HuangshanMountain (the YellowMountain) is a year-round attraction, winter visitors are often stunned by its beauty. The mountain has been said to be at the peak of its beauty during winter, and for that reason many people will suggest curious visitors should travel there during the cold months. What's so special about Huangshan in winter? Lower cost, fewer people and magnificent winter scenery!

Pristine Winter Sightseeing at Huangshan Mountain


Every year between Dec 1 and Feb 28, the price of admission tickets drops from the season's high of 230 yuan to 150 yuan. The cost of a cable car ticket drops from 80 yuan to 65 yuan. Even local hotels and restaurants cut their prices by an average of 30 percent. Cash-strapped backpackers can save some money by visiting during winter.

No crowds

It seems that people have an aversion to winter trips thinking there is nothing to see at that time of the year. Thanks to that, photographers and backpackers can have Huangshan all to themselves in the winter. You start to feel the absence of the typical summer crowds at the gate. And the plank roads, twisted and narrow, further disperse the visitors. Along the way, you can feel free to slow down or stop anytime to enjoy the landscape or take a rest. In winter, swarms of people are nowhere to be found even at ShixingPeak a favorite spot among tourists tp watch the sunrise.

Winter spectacles

Huangshan can still be beautiful without too many colors. The yellow rocks, naked branches and shriveled plants present a soft beauty, while the robust green pines reaching out into the azure sky show the tough vitality of life. Clusters of red beans are waiting to surprise you anytime on the way. In winter, the "four major marvels" of Huangshan uniquely shaped pines, oddly-shaped rocks, seas of clouds and hot springs are as enjoyable as ever. And you may even be lucky enough to experience "the fifth marvel": the spectacular snow.


1. Temperature changes dramatically during the day, so bring clothes that can be taken on and off easily.

2. Travel agencies usually arrange one-day compact tours. But those who want to savor the charm of Huangshan are recommended to stay on the mountain over night. Hotels such as the four-star Shilin Hotel are easily accessible.

3. Up on the mountain, food becomes less diverse and more expensive. You better bring your own food with you.