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Nanning Leads the Way....

Nanning Leads the Way....

Write: Gylay [2011-05-20]
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Governments should set an example to save energy and reduce emissions.

On the morning of October 28, Nanning Government took the lead to install energy-saving

feedback devices for the two elevators in Building One of the Government Office Complex,

kicking off the energy-saving campaign in Nanning public administrative sector.

At 9:00 on that morning, technicians installed black iron cases on the car boxes of the two

elevators after some tests. The devices collect the energy produced by the elevators and

feed it back to the electricity network, thus enabling the elevator produce energy while

consuming energy, which can help save 20%-40% of the energy consumed by the elevators.

The daily electricity consumption of each elevator is 80 kwh. Each elevator will cost 13,248

yuan of electricity annually on the basis of the electricity price at 0.46 yuan per kilowatt hour.

The highest energy-saving rate of this device will be 45% and the average will be 40%.

According to the average energy-saving rate, each elevator will save 5,961 yuan each year.

In order to test the energy-saving results, technicians have installed electricity meters to

compare the difference of the elevators with the devices and those without the devices before.

Nanning Leads the Way....