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Peking Opera's charity performance staged

Peking Opera's charity performance staged

Write: Shakira [2009-01-01]

"The Legend of the Red Lantern," a modern Peking Opera from the 1960's, opened the serial event on a high note. Veteran artist Ni Maocai, the head of Jilin Provincial Peking Opera Company, led a young cast and crew from Beijing. Youngsters also filled the audience seats.

Sun Yujin, college student of Tsinghua Univ., said, "Peking Opera has great charm and contains a lot of positive content about China's traditional culture as well."

Song Guanlin, head of China National Peking Opera Company, said, "China National Peking Opera Company carries a duty to inherit the heritage of Peking Opera and pass it down to the young generation. Charity performances are such a way to share the legacy with wider audience that might fall in love with the traditional art form when they get a chance to watch it. "

Before the end of May, another 10 performances will be staged across Beijing including some selected classic traditional as well as modern Peking Opera.