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The south mosque of downhill path travels Beijing of China

The south mosque of downhill path travels Beijing of China

Write: Indrina [2011-05-23]

The south mosque of downhill path travels  Beijing of China


Take the bus 44, 820, 810, 750, 908, 109, 101, 110, refined treasure ways of No. 112


The south mosque of downhill path lies in the south downhill path outside Chaoyangmen. Established in Qing Dynasty Kang Xi in the early years, had already had a history of more than 300 years from today. Several original mosques of the area hit a remaining one outwards, show unique characteristics in the ancient building.
The west of mosque flat is towards the east, the environment of original enclosure all around, the goal post of front studs with five big characters of mosque mosque, it is the white marble stone carving that is carved, enter the round, young two hang down the curtain door, the north and south classroom is symmetrical in the courtyard, in front for Prayer Hall,from before there make up is roll canopy, week shop, kiln hall three parts, the wooden side pavilion on the kiln hall, the kiln hall of gold roof of green tile of blue brick of red column of the red-lacquered doors of wealthy homes, it is a round arch in the foreign side, the building is typical China s Islam style.
Raised funds by the Huis in the locality and built in the period of Guang Xu. The main hall is 132 square meters, the side hall in a palace or temple of north and south amounts to 68 square meters, and enclose the north and south and mix the room. Repaired and combined colored drawing or pattern again in 1986. Temple this use for religious service for local the intersection of the Huis and masses, funeral and interment administrative institute, the Huis of Beijing, too. And the key historical relic under prodection of Chaoyang District.
Keep having one yuan of handwritten horizontal inscribed board in one s handwriting for king Sun QingXin of the uncut jade forever for the 17th son of Qianlong in the mosque, have and write the key link is the Second Five-Year Plan Period Ago to keep for more than 100 years and still stand intact.