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The people travel in the assembly hall Urumchi of China

The people travel in the assembly hall Urumchi of China

Write: Maggie [2011-05-23]

The people travel in the assembly hall  Urumchi of China


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The assembly hall of the people in Xinjiang was established in 1984, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Regions completed and came into operation while establishing for 30 years in October of 1985, it is the autonomous region at that time Ten major buildings The first, enjoy certain popularity in Asia and China, its floor area is more than 34000 square meters, incorporate meeting, performance, food and beverage, accommodation into an organic whole.
The whole architectural design reflects the combination of national characteristic and era, have certain influence and social image in the society, it is one of the Xinjiang representatives of foreign images that praised as, she become the intersection of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Regions and political/economical, foreign affairs, in the center and important window of the construction of spiritual civilization of cultural activity already, her uniqueness makes her play the important function that can t be substituted. The national emblem hung on the top of the assembly hall floor of the people in Xinjiang marks her special political position again, namely the important agenda place of deputy to the National People s Congress of all nationalities of Standing Committee of the National People s Congress of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Regions and Xinjiang.
The assembly hall of the people in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Regions, this is a nationality, place, heavy construction where modern color has concurrently, completed on August 31, 1985, with a construction area of 29000 square meters. Inlaying the largest huge marble mural painting in China at present in the lobby - spring of Tian Mountain . The automatic variable stage in the auditorium, it is China at present the longest large stage is (open and 32 meters long) . Three storeys of stalls, there are 3160 audience seats with side table, and there is translate the purpose wind of 8 languages The device, the side drawing room is also three storeys, divide the conference hall of round table, conference hall of the function room, 13 pieces of ground, state. , unite the corridor to meet in the side drawing room. The whole building is integral, grand.
For over ten years, the assembly hall of the people in Xinjiang is undertaking the reception works of all kinds of great politics, external public function of autonomous region, still bearing all kinds of large-scale governmental banquets of autonomous region at the same time, cocktail party and foreign affairs meeting activity and large-scale masses cultural activity, central group conveying greetings, foreign theatre troupe, graceful music and public organization, cultural activity of enterprises and institutions,etc. perform, it is cultural life and construction of spiritual civilization of the autonomous region of the abundant Xinjiang various nationalities masses that have played important function positively. 16 pieces of ground, state, market drawing room as the important components of the assembly hall of people in Xinjiang, she is not merely different cultural and educational culture of ethnic minority embodied because of the change of nationality s ornamental style, develop, show and develop the cooking culture of all ethnic minorities of Xinjiang to offer the characterized place at the same time.
The people in Xinjiang pass the course of nearly 20 years in the assembly hall, produce unique important function for political/economical, foreign affairs cultural undertakings and reform and opening-up of the autonomous region. At present though the service facility of architectural appearance and internal hardware,etc. has already shown outmodedly, this question has already caused the great attention of the autonomous region party, main leading comrades of policy. In order to keep characterized important positions and function of the assembly hall of people in Xinjiang, already specially holding the meeting studies the whole transformations of the assembly hall of people in Xinjiang and maintains the scheme, lists in the autonomous region and plans in the budget as one of the important projects in the autonomous region. The assembly hall of people in Xinjiang after the transformation is repaired is not only in the internal function (such as light, stereo, air conditioner, large screen voting, free translation wind system and seat,etc.) Improve improving effectively and greatly, and on fitting up (decorate from hall, mural painting brighten project,etc. to external white marble, the intersection of face brick and square, fountain and square meter of the intersection of lawn and green land, the intersection of square and grounds) Will show in front of common people with the brand-new appearance. Assembly hall, people of Xinjiang, have nationality and the intersection of era and cultural intension even more when the time comes, can t substitutability and unique status and function continue landmark building in Urumchi with her, become one of the beautiful views of provincial capital, meet Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Regions and establish for 50 years.