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Travel in the villa of gold sea Beijing of China

Travel in the villa of gold sea Beijing of China

Write: Sebastian [2011-05-23]

Travel in the villa of gold sea  Beijing of China


The sea villa is located in beautiful side of Jinhai Lake, accompany water near the mountain, has attractive scenery, it is an ideal place that holds the meeting, trains, recuperates. Rely mainly on imitating the clear type building in the villa, the antique group of buildings appear the simple and unsophisticated, refined characteristic, together, become the intersection of Jinhai Lake and the intersection of side and a beautiful scenery ancient and present the intersection of style and different the intersection of building and the intersection of characteristic and ingenious integration.

There are natatoriums in the service centre in the villa, amusement events such as bowling alley, sauna fitness center, Cara 0K dancing hall, billiard room, table tennis room, basketball, court,etc.. In addition, the centre is still furnished with 3 large, medium-sized, small meeting rooms, can offer the relevant related service.

Fitting up the top-grade, self-contained guest room will surely make you get physical and mental relaxing. Gold the intersection of sea and villa adjoin a lot of scenic spot, increase good choice while recreation and spending holidays for you. The intersection of cash and the intersection of sea and villa introduce meeting, spend holidays preferential activity, a series of tickets of material benefit, abundant content.