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Travelled in the site in Shang Dynasty in the west of Taiwan Shijiazhuang of China

Travelled in the site in Shang Dynasty in the west of Taiwan Shijiazhuang of China

Write: Halian [2011-05-23]

Travelled in the site in Shang Dynasty in the west of Taiwan  Shijiazhuang of China


Take the bus from Shijiazhuang to Gaocheng, is changing the west village of Taiwan.


The site of Taiwan Shang Dynasty of the west lies in Hao urban west village of Taiwan, 10 km from the urban area, there are three big soil platforms in place of 200 meters in the northeast of the village -West platforms, south platforms, north platform. It proves this was one site and graves in middle period of Shang Dynasty to explore in 1965. The whole area is about 100,000 square meters. Explored the west platform in 1973, 1974, obtained the great achievement, except finding house site, well, gray hole, grave, sacrificial pit, unearthed overth bronze ware, gold vessel, jade ware, pottery Including white pottery and glazed pottery) Stone implement, the intersection of bone and the intersection of corner and device, clam device, wooden furniture, lacquer ware, silk fabrics, linen, the intersection of plant and seed, divine, take first bone, carve characters the intersection of pottery and slice and medical equipment thing The site in Shang Dynasty here, the abundant, historical relic value one of the scale big, unearthed relics not merely occupied the important position in this city high, and one of China s great archaeological discoveries of founding the state. Historical relics such as unearthed ironware, iron dreg, silk fabrics, fabric of flax of degumming, piercing sickle, wool, distiller s yeast here,etc. find the earliest similar material object in the world at present, important position occupied in the history of civilization of the world. The unearthed bronze ware, making wine workshop, well, material object of wooden barrel, plant kind represent, have influence greatly in China. Listed in the Chinese Key Cultural Relic Unit under State Protection in 1988.
White Buddha site once: In the ancient site of ancient culture remains which pale the intersection of Buddha and mouth village finds in the suburb of today, unearthed a large number of stone axes, stone pans, stone knives and pottery make the fire cooking stove. Nearly have more than 6000 years from today through criticizing of a text, it is the Neolithic Age. The site of the south the Yang s: : Since 1977, the straight ancient site of the Yang s of the south of Ding County explored successively, except finding important remains such as the house, pottery kiln, cooking stove, grave, gray hole,etc., a large number of potteries, stone implements, bone objects,etc. have been excavated. The archaeology proves, the ancient residents here are mainly engaged in agriculture, run concurrently and go hunting. They have built the house, the life that begin to horbor. Daily ones that used rubed and made the stone implement, various in style, the pottery manufacturing industry is developed, the primitive textile industry has already appeared. With the development of agriculture, animal husbandry and enlargement of division of labor in society, the man replaces leading status of women in production gradually, the human society is carried out the transition to the patriarchal clan commune by the matrilineal commune. The site of Taiwan Shang Dynasty of the west: By the look of historical records, Shijiazhuang area is the area that the trader and king rule directly. So, the site of Shang Dynasty of here, the historical relic was very abundant, had nearly spread all over every county (market) District. If is fixing little guest s village, the west of TV station of Gaocheng, temple of the Zhao s, electrodeless the Zhen s, the Li s of Yuanshi, in Zanhuang stockaded village, it is flat last river, Lingshou stockaded villages north mountain, under goldenrain tree city temple, Gaoyi the west Qiu, village Hu of the north of Luquan, in Xinle and village, western suburb the north village Du,etc. sixty or seventy Among them the site was the most famous in the TV station Shang Dynasty of the west of Gaocheng. Since 1973, archaeological workers carried on large-scale exploration in the west of the TV station of Gaocheng, the area is up to more than 2000 square meters, obtain very important achievement. Among them there are 14 traces of houses, two wells, 133 gray holes, 112 graves. The house is built above on the ground mostly, a small part is half a place cave type, there are separate rooms, pair and three. Under the column foot, corner, door-hinge of the house, many places find people s skulls and livestock s carcasses, these are used and laid a foundation. In the grave, still bury slave and livestock that killed alive or give birth to besides owner in the slave owner s coffin pit. Therefore, oppressing exploiting to the slave of slave owner was very cruel in Shang Dynasty. The edge bronze Yue of iron excavated in the west of Taiwan, it is after forging and hitting the siderite into a thin edge, the casting, to bronze Yue s body. Prove as far back as the 14th century B.C., Chinese working people had preliminary understanding to the iron, and use the siderite. This pair studies the Chinese ironware and uses times, has offered the valuable material object materials. Excavate one piece 20 centimetres long in the buried alive with the dead tomb in slave, widest place \ of 5.4 centimetres Pierce the sickle \ ,This is that China finds the oldest kind of surgical medical apparatus. A set of crude drugs samples such as peach kernel,etc. have been excavated. These discoveries, have offered the precious evidence for studying China s ancient medical treatment, medical history. The site of a Western Zhou Dynasty of the west: This site is in a piece of the east of village in the west in the county in Yuanshi of today, border on water of the Chinese scholartree in the east, from the north to 3 kilometers of county towns. It is 350 meters long from east to west, the north and south is 310 meters wide, area is about 100,000 square meters. Belong to the period of Western Zhou Dynasty. There are gentle on chromium in bronze wares that this ancient tomb excavate,it last the beginning week in country and their geographical position, verify, seal region of country of Xing, Hou initially week, fill in the historical blank, have offered the new historical data for studying history of Western Zhou Dynasty.