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Shen travels from the gentle former residence Western Hunan of China

Shen travels from the gentle former residence Western Hunan of China

Write: Shirley [2011-05-23]

Shen travels from the gentle former residence  Western Hunan of China


20, city wall, the ancestral hall, strange the intersection of roof beam and hole, small bay in a river river go boating and bear wish age seven beauty spots in the former residence from gentle former residence, east gate with the intersection of seedling and the intersection of boundary and the Great Wall, Shen


Common people knew phoenixes, understood the phoenix, began from Shen CongWen. On December 28, 1902, Mr. Shen CongWen was born in a typical ancient Chinese courtyard house of the South of the camp street in phoenix s ancient city. Chinese courtyard house Shen CongWen grandfather Shen HongFu of Mr. Have taken the post as the provicial commander of Guizhou of Qing Dynasty) With managing for five years 1866 years) Buy the old private residence to build after removing, it is a firebrick that seals the building of one-storey house of the step. Enter two in front and at the back of not dividing Chinese courtyard house,of there is square courtyard where the stones reds pave as,there are for wing-room on both sides, the size amounts to 11. The house department pierces through the fighting timber structure building, adopt one dou to shut the sub wall to seal and build at one glance.
The wall ornamental Ao head of head of the horse, the doors and windows of the ornamental engraving are small and exquisite and unique, antique. Shen Cong s gentle life is the bumpy life, it is the life devoted. He floated in basin of western Hunan Yuan water from 1917 to 1922; 1923 intruded upon Beijing, made a living in Beijing with the writing from 1923 to 1928; From 1928 to 1930, common in China of Shanghai learnt to take the post as the lecturer, and concurrently literature and art supplements such as Ta Kung Pao , generation newspaper of benefit ,etc. were edited; The university took the post as the lecturer in Qingdao from 1931 to 1933; In national literature textbook of the middle and primary schools of China of the editor-in-chief of Beijing from 1934 to 1939; The National Southwestern Associated University took the post as the professor in Kunming from 1939 to 1947; Took the post as the professor in Peking University from 1947 to 1949; Took the post as the historical relic in National Museum of Chinese History of Beijing from 1950 to 1978; The researcher took the post as the researcher in the research institute of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences from 1978 to 1988. Mr. Shen CongWen s literary works border town , western Hunan , from the gentle autobiography ,etc., there is great influence outside China. His works are published by the characters translated into more than 40 countries such as Japan, U.S.A., Britain, the former Soviet Union, and is selected to enter the university textbook by more than ten countries or areases such as U.S.A., Japan, South Korea, Britain, nominated to evaluate Hou for Nobel Prize for literature to choose twice. Mr. Shen CongWen is not merely a famous writer, or famous historian, archaeologist, he has written and published Chinese silk pattern , academic monographs such as bronze mirror of Tang and Song Dynasty , dragons and phoenixes art , lacquer ware of the Warring States , China s ancient dress research ,etc., especially the monumental work China s ancient dress research exerts a tremendous influence, has filled in a blank in the history of Chinese culture. Whole building have strong Shen from occupy, classify the intersection of province and the intersection of people s government and Key Cultural Relic Unit under State Protection as 1991 while being gentle, former residence display have old letters, posthumous manuscript, relic, portrait of the deceased Shen now, become the intersection of phoenix and attractive human cultural sight most one of.
Unless want ancient city, unless it is it green to step on flagstone path, in not seeking camp street, more than ten Milo,Shen, since former residences gentle the gates ago, it is the big character with stagnant strength of delegation Qiu that heave in sight at first: Shen is from the gentle former residence . Stride into from the gentle gate of former residence, young ladies of guides with smile meet warmly, intimate.
This is the building in one later period of Qing Dynasty already with a history of over one hundred years, two is entered before and after dividing into, a small courtyard in the middle, add the antique wing-room from side to side, give somebody a kind of exquisite and beautiful feeling. Then roof truss and ashy firm and real wall durable combining together standing fly in the eaves, seem to coordinate so, that old and outmoded doors and windows coming off of wooden partition and degrading, reveal the house is outmoded and old. It is said,that year Shen for hometown resigning from grandfather that is gentle,in in there last the land for building is camp the midsections of street, have built this Chinese courtyard house type building. Go from Shen CongWen s grandfather to Shenyang from this gentle generation, has gone through three generations from beginning to end, experience many changes for decades, much-vaunted. Things have changed with the lapse of time, brilliance and honor in the past, have already become the floating smoke and passing clouds. Nothing but empty room is left already nowadays. Admire the old friend, no under people s sad tears of prohibition. But a gratifying one, this belong to old building of main fact originally, build up showroom of the life story Shen. It is in an endless stream to reach Shenyang every day from the person of the gentle sightseeing of former residence, crowded, give somebody a kind of greatest encouragement and gratified virtually.
Former residence is in the exhibition room, one pieces of clear precious picture, record difficult course passed by after the document step into this world Shen, that characters with smooth and deep every trade, have recorded the course that a writer grows up faithfully. The wooden square table of wingceltis, the chairs, old wooden structural shelf beds of rattan woven ware , are all material objects that Shen always used that year. Witness material object these, seem, appear Shen always affable voice and appearance at the moment, seem, listen to old teaching Shen: Consider according to me, can understand me; Consider according to me, can know people. Wen Ruo person, the great the intersection of literature and master, give people devote 9 million over the intersection of word and valuable cultural heritage with energies not merely, and his is straightforward and good-natured and pure, declares oneself publicly, work diligently in all one s life, noble morality and sentiment pursued diligently, it is a model of people s study forever.
Go out of the principal room, the male genital is filled with the courtyard level ground of the Chinese courtyard house in warm spring. Do shopping in the room in the former residence, often have a lot of young people crowded in front of purchasing the book counter, fall over each other to buy Shen CongWen s masterpiece work. From their young and tender face, are permeated with the desire to crave for knowledge, has let people see promising a new generation. Shen is from gentle masterpiece magnum opus of a knowledge glory and glamour of originally glittering, how many young and burning hot hearts are attracted, batches of they come from distant place, go again after coming, broadcast sowing the culture seed obtained from the former residence in everybody s heart, yield positive results, making and culture spring when Chinese nation s glory in 21st century of framework is bright.
Shen is from the gentle former residence this is firm and firm and real and going through the century-old old room by vicissitudes trials and hardship, it is one that contains deeply that digs the cultural knowledge palace fetched not to the limit forever; It is Shen from gentle never collapsed culture monument that condenses with the energies; It is that the phoenix one of ancient city wipes the scenery that will never fade. Shen is from gentle festival celebration activity of former residence: Festival of half a spirit of July, passing for annual, Valentine s Day, it is grand ceremony, the sixth of June, seedling song festival of offering a sacrifice to an ancestor the eighth of April of three the Miao nationality in March,