Bailian Cave


There is the first cave science museum of China in the Bailian Cave.


Bailian Cave is 20 meters high with the main cave covering 774 square meters. By the side of the cave, an underground river is flowing all the year round. There are some relics of lakes. It is embraced by mountains, and thus enjoys picturesque scenery.

Many fossils of ancient people and mammalian are displayed in the exhibition hall of the Bailian Cave Museum. The fossils show that people in the Bailian Cave had learned how to sew clothes and how to cook food on fire ever since 50,000 years ago. It has quite special natural

The narrow pass in the cave is over 1,870 miles long with many twists and turns. The karst cave covers an area of over 7,000 square meters. At the lower part of the cave, an underground river, which is 370 meters long, is gurgling throughout the year.

The cultural relics including animal fossils, teeth fossils, stoneware, stone decorations and primitive pottery slices are unearthed at the accumulation horizon of the cave. There are the continuous units of the change from the Old Stone Age to the New Stone Age after passing the Middle Stone Age. It is about 37,000 to 7,000 years. It is quite rarely seem before in Chin

  • Address: It is located at the Lianhua Mountain at the southern suburb of the Liuzhou City.