Dule Karst Scenic Area


It is regarded to be the “palace of the art of the nature”.


Dule Karst is not a grotto but the name of a group of karsts. The scenic area, covering an area of 10 kilometers, is consisted of 12 mountains, 46 lava caves, 1 brook with the length of 3,400 meters and 4 artificial lakes. It is surrounded by the mountains. Flowers are in full bloom all the year round. Green trees make pleasant shades. The air is clean and fresh. It is a tourist destination with the beautiful scenery comprised by mountain, water, forest, cave and stone. It is where you can enjoy abundant natural landscape as well as the rural scenery.

The stalactites in the cave are of bizarre shapes. Stalagmite, stone pillar, sheet, stone flower are all around the cave. Some are majestic; some are exquisite; some look like birds and animals, flowers and grass; some are like bead curtains or the roof of the palaces. It is thus regarded to be the “palace of the art of the nature”.

Dule Forest of Steles, the first forest of steles of the modern calligraphy on the cliff stones, is located in the scenic area. A large amount of modern calligraphers came and left their calligraphies in the forest.

Address: It is 12 kilometers at the southern suburb of the Liuzhou City.

How to get there: You can take the buses to suburb areas at the downtown to the park.

Best Time to Be There: Autumn