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Travel in the red theater Beijing of China

Travel in the red theater Beijing of China

Write: Sharay [2011-05-23]

Travel in the red theater  Beijing of China


In the address: Happy street No. 44 of Chongwen District of Beijing In Chongwen District Worker s Cultural Palace
Take the means of transportation
Take No. 6, No. 8, No. 34, No. 35, under the Beijing Gymnasium 36 No., 41 No., 60 No., 116 No., 705 No., 707 No., 743 No., 807 No., 822 No., 957 No., 957 No. Express, 958 No.,etc.
From the notice of driving
Guangqumen the intersection of Inner Street and happiness of walking street left and right sides of 100 meters the south the intersection of the south and over the intersection of Chongwen and district government, the loose bridge of strength takes Guangming Road to the street crossing of the happiness to the west to the north right hand


It is the large theater of Worker s Cultural Palace of Chongwen District originally. it achieves the international art performance Invest a huge sum of money to transform the theater, so as to view and admire the condition and improve completely, only in making and packaging of the appearance of the theater, use more than 80 tons of steel products.

This theater that has large cost to introduce light and stage hardware hopes to bring the strong stage effect. The citizens of audience facing in the red theater, have taken the traditional folk art forms program back to the theater -In the theater, that seemed to think was to resume tradition in the old overline bridge since TV last time the folk art forms.