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The west wind-tunnel travels An qing of China

The west wind-tunnel travels An qing of China

Write: Walchelim [2011-05-23]

The west wind-tunnel travels  An   qing of China


The west scenic spot of wind-tunnel is that China spent the doors and windows of the lake scenic spot of the pavilion, the area of development zone is more than 200 hectares. Very give the eye, see the strange mountain different water, the world is unique alone. Famous mountains and great rivers such as Tianzhu, minister of public works in ancient china, Mount Lushan, great river, nine China, little orphan,etc. are visible far away. The domestic hawk chews the precipice, phoenix s peak, peak of Goddess of Mercy, peak of the Buddhist monk s staff, a gleam of day, celestial being s Sichuan, celestial being s bridge, five grandfathers hole, tiger hole, quiet to feel Tamerlan, stone of the incence burner, inform the sub stone, one hundred bears the stone, frog stone, wooden fish stone, stones sudden, frogs, chess rooms getting whiter too gold, don t one day such as pot, last moon, high mountains and great rivers, west wind glow of the setting sun,etc. beauty spots natural cultural and educational lion, spread all over the place, amounts to more than 20 places, it is interesting to complete by mistake.
The fairy poet too white, famous poet Song Huang TingJian, bright philosopher and Wang ShouRen Li, sages of Luo RuFang, clear champion Zhao s gentle model, contemporary remarkable religious leader s elementary classic Piao Zhao, have left the footprint or poem here.
Grandfather big full honorific Buddhist monk enlarges and bears the Zen Buddhism five (602- 675),A disciple of four grandfathers and a letter at seven years old, spread its law to the limit, write most superior theory . It is enlarged and born in year that remember the past dynasties magic weapon : set up in a wide range of the initial approach to become a Buddhist believer, connect and guide one group of products , teach countless people in all one s life . Disciple its divide, enlarge, take on the way, while not passing to all parts east the intersection of mountain and initial approach to become a Buddhist believer, too on the intersection of Tang and high cases of salty henries of 2 years (671) he himself Pairs of clothing law and six grandfather intelligent can behind,go neighbouring county Susong, Tai Hu to speak by Confucian classics and commentaries law, build the tight respectful temple in Susong county. The record of Vol. the 49th of open year of successive dynasties of Buddhist patriarch , five grandfathers enlarge the temple of China of the law of bearing Tai Hu of easy state, and live for a short period of time in the unoccupied room of this temple. Then reach sitting in meditation and enlarging the law in the west wind-tunnel of 4 kilometers from here, then the descendant calls west wind-tunnel five grandfathers a hole.
Case big over the years the Tang Dynasty, eminent monk law the honorific Buddhist monk came to Tai Hu to face the mountain 4 times intelligently, while this mountain established the temple on four sides, draw near the west wind-tunnel and expand the rites place again, is first named lion s Buddhist nunnery.
For over 1,300 years. Go through vicissitudes in the Buddhist temple of west wind, revitalize and abolish several times, but because is famous mountains and ancient temples, often rotate, it is without cease that the light is spread, and prosperous day by day. Go to two the hall of the temple, middle hall of the temple, three blocks of monk s floor of space of Buddhist, Mahavira Temple with solemn imposing manner is under clearing up it openly to preside over, have already completed. Until west the intersection of wind-tunnel and popularity inside and outside county raise constantly, get the intersection of mountain and religious and tourist, jostle each other in a crowd, increase progressively year by year. In 1999, passenger flow volume reached 88,000 persons. The sky way has already floated to the west wind-tunnel like the colored ribbon. Inevitable, a travel climax that men and women gathered like clouds, will well up in close succession, the west wind-tunnel enriches unique tourist resources, gifted position advantage with it, the growth momentum in the ascendant, has shown the broad prospect for the lake tourist industry of colored pavilion.
The natural stone hole of west department of wind-tunnel, can hold several dozen people, the grass and trees are not raw perennially, there are no mosquitoes at night of summer, it is breezy in the hole to grow the wind, gladden the heart and refresh the mind; Because the wind circles round and appears and thus comes the name of the west wind-tunnel from the people of west entrance to a cave. The ancient wooden mountain flower of week of the temple, sparkling; The sound bird s twitter of small stream, the chirp chirp becomes musical sound. Placing oneself in the midst of the mere Buddha s shadow of the deep meditation, visitors have soul that purify, the sense of the vulgar ultra dust appears unwittingly. Newly build two depositary of Buddhist texts, Bell and Drum Tower, west wind mountain villa, beauty spot pavilion platform, mountain door, guide s step of three kilometers and corresponding travel infrastructure again, make the scenic spot become safe mountain, hygiene mountain, happy mountain, scenic spot of human world on mountain of civilization.
In the glow of the setting sun of west wind, people stand still for a long while and chew the precipice peak in the hawk, a thousand which looks at Dabie Mountain afar value the color of mountains, look down at ten thousand qings of glistening light of waves on lake of colored pavilion. The west scenic spot of the fragrant bird s twitter of flower, smile and show a fascinating picture to common people: Natural beauty that the tower is refined, the stone engraving is grand, the clock drum is melodious, spectacular, as if the graceful jade sets up on the lakeside of colored pavilion like the goddess, people enjoy together it.
Scenic spot many ancient chant stone engraving, champion, Jiaqing of Qing, constellation compose five speech one lushi poem at the Buddhist temple gentle night such as model such as Zhao: The ancient temple cloud depths, lay one s hand on trailing plants to ask a shepherd boy.
Outside a autumn scenery of bird, in the cigarette in dusk of person s language.
Kitchen build millennium stone, precipice breathe out midnight wind.
Throw the dust dream temporarily, a light of deep meditation couch is red.