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Zhongshan travels in the academy Nanjing of China

Zhongshan travels in the academy Nanjing of China

Write: Bayanai [2011-05-23]

Zhongshan travels in the academy  Nanjing of China


Built up in November of 1994, is used mainly for commemorating Mr. Sun Yat-sen s academic research and cultural exchanges.
The academy is the two storeyed palatial architecture, face south, the angle flies in the layers of eaves, the green tile of white wall of red column. Place Zhongshan Mr. s bust in centre on the first floor. Classify work of Sun Yat-sen who displays various editions, academic work, books and periodicals of literature and history of Zhong Shan Tomb,etc. which Sun Yat-sen studies in the west drawing room, hang the large-scale photo with Sun Yat-sen s each eras on the wall; Masterpieces of calligraphy and painting which the east display Zhong Shan Tomb garden of drawing room collected. Receive the drawing room for the meeting on the second floor, and broadcast Mr. Sun Yat-sen s speech recording before death.
The floor area in the academy is more than 2800 square meters, complement with the lawn all around, plant all kinds of plants such as sweet-scented osmanthus, camellia, plum blossom, Long Bai, wide Yulan, cedar, the environment is quiet, quiet and tastefully laid out.