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Travel in gold Ao mountain park Shanghai of China

Travel in gold Ao mountain park Shanghai of China

Write: Lucy [2011-05-23]
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Travel in gold Ao mountain park  Shanghai of China


Gold Ao mountain is the scenic spots and historical sites in Chongming, the scenery treasured place. Because its history is long, the trials and hardship of years puts on the mysterious veil for it, a lot of about gold Ao mountain bright legend on everybody s lips, say swallow Zhao there is gold Ao s narration on mountain in patrolling eastward to remember when being defended Song Dynasty: Maritime to have gold the intersection of Ao and mountain and Pu relative bar originally, have auspicious to agree with the intersection of Tamerlan and institute at the mountain.

Another say Song Dynasty, the intersection of Chongming and great drought one year, seeding of cereal crops wither, for rescue the intersection of suffering and peasant gold Ao under sea, debark and spit water, is opened up very much by Thunder God. Peasants spit the kindness of water for the newspaper money Ao, do not make it expose to the sun the corpse, choose the soil to build the mountain one after another, named on gold Ao mountain, and build the temple to commemorate by the mountain.

Another say Yong Zheng Year of Qing Dynasty, gentle the intersection of pick and final imperial examination of participating in Shen, people of Chongming, China third place in imperial examination come back, hire people choose gold the intersection of Ao and mountain one night. In fact, Chongming Island have mountain originally, gold the intersection of Ao and the intersection of mountain and mountain system manpower build.

Song, when the yuan, lie in three the intersection of sand and east benevolence township, it is the identification of the navigation. Choose high case Song to run after fame by its mountain, this mountain massif had not already collapsed. Present gold the intersection of Ao and mountain build on the seventh year of Kangxi ( 1668) again ,There are nine peaks on the mountain, China s peak is the highest, are built and hidden on the peak.

Dig the jade lotus pool in front of the mountains, plant the forest of the black bamboo behind the mountain. Still all over planting the good wood of famous flower. More clear by the 44th year of Qianlong A.D. 1777) ,County magistrate Fan Cathay donates some money to rebuild, sets up the bridge, pavilion, platform, building, pavilion, monthly garden all are wons.

At this moment,at park have already whether stop peak view in the far distance, last pavilion, dyke willows news long May forest snow, waters green at the clump the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, Ao shady after lasting fragrant, front yarding to bell, Qingyuan longevity. And then optimistic the fish Wait for eight scenes.

After visitors view and admire, the mouth of Zambia is without cease. Some revitalize poem engaged in phrase-mongering, cherish Ao mountain have temple draw a thousand years and river have the intersection of string and guqin Wan. the moon outside the inner green hill mountain of the temple, the water culmination of green water in front of the eaves .

Picturesque gold Ao mountain park, destroys in the Japanese devil and the Kuomintang reactionaries hands. Ao peak tottered to have left look far into the distance only shortly before the liberation Zhenhai tower) . After liberation, Jin AoShan is classified as the historic reservation unit by the people s government in the county.

Under the circumstances that the related departments of the cities and counties show loving care for support, several degrees of appropriations are repaired. By the end of 1995,finish already on enclosure, mountain door, waters green last pavilion, jade lotus pool, Zhenhai tower, holes cool, last bridges, water pavilions fragrant monthly, last grass the pavilions (Ningde pavilion The intersection of mountaineering and the intersection of stone and the intersection of steps, road and level ground, afforest the intersection of person who plant trees and construction of event.

Cover an area of 1.2 hectares, from 2.5 kilometers of county towns. Nowadays, gold Ao mountain has already resumed into the antique park where a pretty and cleverly-made, beauty spot has concentrated. Green tree makes a pleasant shade, the brightness of flowers and birdsongs, environment are quiet and tastefully laid out, with the pure and fresh air in the garden, the famous scenic spots of people visiting, photography, rest.