Juzi Island

Juzi Island came into being in 305 AD and got its name in the six century, from the poem of famous poet in Tang Dynasty., “the field of Ju Island is still fertile”. In the island, there were Shuilu Temple, Gongji Pavilion, Jiangxin Pavilion. In 1992, Juzi Island was developed to be a scenic spot of Changsha, gathering tourism, entertainment, gym, culture and commerce. There are surfing place, children’s paradise, cate street, film street, gym, international conference center, holiday resort, science and technology garden, etc. Juzi Island has been called “a little heaven of Penglai”.

No 1 public bus to Dachun Bridge, where located Changsha First Normal School, then walk to the bank to catch a ferry to the island; one can also take No 16 public bus to reach there directly

How to Get to there?

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