Wupaer Bazaar

In Uygur language, bazaar means market or trading place. Wupaer Bazaar is located in Shufu County, which is only 15 kilometers from Kashgar City, and it is on the same way with Lake Karakuli. The bazaar is usually held every day, because it is a place where local people buy and sell daily commodities. The busiest day happens on Mondays.

On the bazaar, countless stuff are sold in shops or stands, or by local vendors. It is a good place to enjoy local food, rub shoulders with the local ethnic people, and shop for some unique souvenirs. The commodities on sale are various, including livestock, clothes, carpets, jewlery, pottery, musical instruments, handicrafts, vegetables and secondhand items.

Commodities from nearby countries can also be found, such as crafts from Pakistan, dried fruits from Saudi Arabia, scarves from Turkey, all can be bought at reasonable prices. Kashgar is famous for its knives and hats. Visitors can pick up some at the bazaar.

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