Taklamakan Desert Tourist Scenic Region


It is 28 kilometers away from Shache County.

Special Distinction:

“He who has never been to the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region won’t know the vastness of our motherland; and he who has never been to the Sha Ha Su scenery area won’t know the western sublime.” It is a national A-level scenic spot.

Brief Introduction:

The tourist scenic spot in Xinjiang is under the jurisdiction of the Sha Ha Su Township. It borders Yecheng County and Magaiti County in the east, Jiangge Lesi Township in the south, Gaiyi Erqi Township in the west, and Bage’a Wati Township in the north. The spot has a total area of about 500 kilometers. It is 67 kilometers from east to west and 40 kilometers from north to south.

At the first sight, it is only an endless desert. But as you walk in it, you perceive the beautiful, distinct desert forms and plants. The boundless desert extends itself into infinite waves, and if you take a camel ride into the desert, the glow of sunrise and sunset, and especially the sunset scenery is something to remember. You might see a “mirage” that is formed by the refraction of sunlight passing through different layers of air.

How to go there:

Travelers can hire a taxi or vehicle to go there.