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Enjoy Zoomlion World and Build World Zoomlion

Enjoy Zoomlion World and Build World Zoomlion

Write: Montego [2011-05-20]

Author: Zoomlion Source: Zoomlion 2008-11-13

Zoomlion s largest exbition in Bauma China 2008

Over the past two years, the engineering machinery industry continued double-digit growth in China, as well as the entire East Asian region. With the construction industry continued prosperity and development in the world's populous country, the industry s prospects become more optimistic. As the largest and most important trade platform in the rapid development of the region, Bauma China 2008 exhibition will be on November 25 in Shanghai.

As one of the leading enterprises in Chinese construction machinery industry, Zoomlion will take "Enjoy Zoomlion World and Build World Zoomlion" as the theme of the exhibition, and bring people a fresh experience.

Brought original Shanxi Huanggong Engineering Machinery, Foretide Machinery Manufacturing and Hunan Axle into Zoomlion family, Zoomlion's product line has been further expanded. At present, Zoomlion has about 13 categories of more than 450 varieties of the leading products, including concrete machinery, cranes, road machinery, piles of mechanical engineering, earthwork machinery, sanitation machinery, and port machinery, of which the product categories are much more than those of any industry with an international well-known enterprises. Zoomlion shows for the first time, using the product-specific painting, bright color display, and a unified style, which is bound to become the most beautiful scenery of the exhibition. Second, Zoomlion is already leading machinery manufacturing of concrete in domestic, has become the world's leading manufacturer of concrete professional while acquired Italy professional manufacturer CIFA. After 16 years of development and accumulation, Zoomlion reserves details and energy into the global market. In this exhibition Zoomlion will use dual brands "Zoomlion" and "CIFA" for the first time, to the customers and agents from all over the world, interpretating of "Share the World of Zoomlion to Create Zoomlion of the World" as the theme of the exhibition.

Zoomlion s outdoor booth is of 2994 square meters in this exhibition, which is the largest-scale exhibition in Zoomlion's history. Zoomlion will exbit a total of 22 major products in 6 series: CIFA's K58 XRZ-placing arm-band on-board mixed concrete pump truck and pump MAGNUM MK 28 L of their first landing in Chinese exhibition;, new fuel-efficient energy-saving control system for a series of new pump taking "to create value for customers" as the starting point of Concrete Machinery Branch Company; HBT90.40.572RS towed concrete pump which serviced in Guangzhou West Tower and challenged the success of ultra-high concrete pumping; towed concrete pump HBT80.18.181RSH of streamlined design and high-strength structure; a great family of truck cranes which are of excellent performance of fretting and capacity of lifting in Mobile Crane Branch Company; ground-wide crane which uses home-made six-wide bridge over the entire floor dedicated chassis, and bodies bolt single-cylinder series; QUY260 ton crane which reached the international advanced level, according to the needs of the domestic market development; Boom tower crane TCR6055 of construction crane branch, which is in line with European standards FEM; LTUH90D asphalt paver of Road Machinery Branch Company, which is good in flatness, easy to operate, and the whole performance reaches the level of imports of similar products; grader PY190B with a high import component configuration and strong driving force; ZD500 hydraulic diaphragm wall grab which use a number of patented technologies such as the international well-known brand power transmission and original control devices; multi-rotary drilling rigs ZR 200A which is with a collapsible three-mast, mobile and flexible for construction; crawler hydraulic excavator ZE60 and ZE80 designed under the spirit of "high-performance, energy saving, environmental protection, comfortable"; as well as bulldozers ZD320-3 of Earth Working Machinery Branch Company , which is of large traction. At present, the exibits have been arrived in Shanghai New International Expo Center, and begun assemble set up the boot of tower crane, crawler cranes and other products.

During the exhibition, in order to thank the community for years of concern and support, Zoomlion will organize a large number of scene and field activities: theme press conference, CIFA special promotion, professional and technological exchanges, and appreciation dinner. Warmly welcome friends from all walks of life to Zoomlion booth (outdoor booth I: C18, C19, D09; outdoor booths II: E1 / 2), access relevant information and activities involved, and share this event with Zoomlion hand in hand to seek new development and achieve common vision!

Enjoy Zoomlion World and Build World Zoomlion

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