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Chang An Theater travels Beijing of China

Chang An Theater travels Beijing of China

Write: Goronwy [2011-05-23]

Chang An Theater travels  Beijing of China


Take bus No. 1, 802 1, 4, special and get off at Beijing exit, the north of the way


Chang An Theater, build then 1937, the new address of the theatre of growing up in Bright China Chang An Building is top-grade on Beijing Chang an Avenue to lie in the north of East Chang an Avenue now, luxurious comfortable modernized drama theater this whether classical style bind with perfection of art of modern architecture often, have extensive styles of Ming and Qing Dynasties, mix with classical padauk desk, luxurious vip box and comfortable soft chair, can hold more than 800 people.
It is a main fact, its multi-functional stage (go up and down, rotate, the car platform, flexible platform) that above Chang An Theater performs the classical directory Advanced stereo and mere apparatus are controlled by the computer, can be competent at the performance that every class art forms.