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Grand Canal water dream garden travels Beijing of China

Grand Canal water dream garden travels Beijing of China

Write: Finbar [2011-05-23]

Grand Canal water dream garden travels  Beijing of China


Grand Canal water dream garden lies in the east of village of seven grades of Lu cities and towns in Tong Zhou District, the scenic spot is distributed in the garden:
The aquatic center of amusement: Have already built up a subject and visited 100,000 square meters of surface of water now. Go angling the island, face gaily-painted pleasure-boat, pedal boat, bamboo raft, bumper boat, yacht, waterwheel winch,etc. in a thousand chi of green recreation long corridors of water, three piles of water waterfalls, rock-climbing, water
Natural scenic spot: The large tree reaches to the sky in the garden, reed flickers on the lakeside, the weeping willow, in accordance with depending on. Children set up children s electric motor car, children going angling, stream and touch fish, billiards, roast, local delicacies, green teahouse in small-scale Emperor Plaza. Animal for display have camel, peacock, spend ox, little donkey, pigeon, wild duck,etc.. A characteristic one is even more Face the lake thatched cottage With one hundred step corridors , ancient street ,The trader hangs heavy curtain high, antique, have a rest while sitting down, sip tea to drink, taste the meal of pure peasant family, fill with the graceful bearing of the south of the lower reaches of the Yangtze River.
The experiencing area of rural area: Plant vegetables, melon and fruit and various crops in the garden, can reach after amusement plucking the garden to experience the work fun started to pluck; Traditional stone rubstone grinds the mill; Winch fetch water and set aside all worries basin, release top, play with silt, marble traditional the intersection of amusement and event; Still ride the camel, ride the donkey, take the ox cart project.
National folk custom district: Have a cave dwelling of the cool in summer and warm in winter adobe kang of conditions and customs of north of Shanxi Province alone; Big camp of grassland of Mongolia incorporating meal, shelter, song and dance Ao chartering and bonfire party into an organic whole; Celebrate the New Year, make dumplings, step on years old, set off fireworks, come loose festive lantern traditional event.
The popular science district of culture: There are Grand Canal stone carvings of cultural intension in centuries of accumulation; Represent the development history of water conservancy and saves the material object facilities whose science and technology explain of valuable water resource and show 2000 square meters of halls; There are book gallery, institute attracting expert of calligraphy and painting and celebrity to create.
Have a dinner on practice ground of golf, water, many kinds of amusement, recreation project such as the log cabin among the accommodation, forest are under construction.