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The rural golf club of Beijing travels Beijing of China

The rural golf club of Beijing travels Beijing of China

Write: Garman [2011-05-23]

The rural golf club of Beijing travels  Beijing of China


The rural paradise of Beijing lies in the beautiful riverside of the Chaobaihe River of Shunyi Mapo township, it is one that collect recreation, amusement, food and beverage, get accommodation for integrative two star hotel. Its geographical position is superior, only 28 kilometers from Sanyuan Qiao, adjoin with villa districts such as rural golf course, Beijing rural horse-racing ground and Long Wan, sunshine of Beijing,etc.. Floor area is as many as ten thousand square meters, every consumption price is moderate, the service item is complete, geared to the needs of the society the personage of different levels, but serve you in 24 hours.
Ornamental and refined, the luxurious restaurant for 300 people to have dinner at the same time, provide many kinds of forms of having a dinner such as a variety of Chinese food, buffet for you.
The sauna room where cover an area of 400 square meters, the environment is quiet and tastefully laid out and comfortable, have facilities such as Finnish sauna bath, Turkish steam bath, three warm water conservancy massage,etc..
The paradise consists of various recreational facilities such as bowling, shuffle ball, table tennis, billiards, chess and card, game machine, shooting hall and art performance drawing room of large-scale song and dance.
The housekeeping department can hold 300 people to live at the same time, there are ones that take the central air conditioner from ordinary to the luxurious standard room, there is unit type home furnishing suite suitable for the travel in holiday of the family.
The hotel offers sports recreation events such as the swimming, tennis, the golf, rock-climbing, basketball, riding a horse and fishing,etc..