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Travel in Jinshan District Shanghai of China

Travel in Jinshan District Shanghai of China

Write: Jermain [2011-05-23]

Travel in Jinshan District  Shanghai of China


Jinshan District is located in the side of gulf of Hangzhou, lie in Shanghai, Hangzhou, Ningbo and Zhoushan Island economy regional centre, it is the southwest door of Shanghai. Abundant land resource, coastline and building the natural condition of the deep water port of 23.3 kilometers, radiate the advantage after forming gifted and geographical advantage, environmental advantage and economy. The whole area of land of the whole district is 586.05 sq. km., population 645,600, have jurisdiction over 9 towns and a street and an industrial area. The famous super-huge enterprises of China -Sinopec the intersection of Shanghai and the intersection of petrochemical industry and Co., Ltd. and the intersection of Shanghai and chemical the intersection of industrial area and a portion located in within the border.
The traffic of Jinshan District is convenient, the Shanghai-Hangzhou railways, railway sidings of Kingsoft and pavilions defend the highway, defend the highway and traverse the north and south newly, 320 national roads pass through the things. The roller coaster guest of the money of Shanghai crosses the setting-up of the quay, has opened up the maritime blue passway that Shanghai goes to Ningbo and other places (have already stop transport, estimate that changes into three island travel quays of Kingsoft) . With the quickening of the construction pace of expressway of Shanghai, by 2005, form two three horizontal longitudinals within the territory of Kingsoft The high-speed network of highways withstands two horizontals Mean shen presents gold expressway and pavilion Chinese sweet gum expressway, three longitudinals with respect Mean Shanghai-Hangzhou expressway, with the intersection of the Three Kingdoms and dish and good gold expressway) ,The traffic condition of Kingsoft produced the qualitative leap.
In April of 1997, with the approval of the State Council of China, Kingsoft county and China Petrochemical Corporation Shanghai Kingsoft industrial corporation jointly built the policy, withdraw counties and set up districts. After withdrawing counties and setting up districts, strive for 20 years, build Kingsoft into integrative modernized getting on the new city of Hainan wing strand in urban and rural areas Become new ideal, new goal that the people of 529,000 Kingsoft make concerted efforts for it. Construct and renovate 47.8 kilometers of highways, the density of highway of the whole district reaches 0.94 kilometers per sq. km.. Construct and renovate 116 kilometers of rural roads. The newly-increased green land is appraised as advanced urban area of China s afforestation with an area of 1,640,000 square meters With China afforestation top ten city .
It is the important content of economic construction of Jinshan District to develop industry. The industry of Jinshan District has already had chemical industry, light industry and machinery, textile clothes, electron, medicine, car fittings, warm to lead to trades such as the apparatus, building materials, food,etc., 1300 over of industrial enterprise, form, exceed a hundred million or profit, exceed yuan of enterprises by 12 enterprise group, 15 annual output to have much capability already. The tertiary industry taking commerce, tourist industry as tap gets rapid development too, already there are more than 10 large-scale comprehensive stores in the whole district, more than 7900 commercial networks. The agriculture of Jinshan District has good foundation and advantage. There are 34666.667 hectares of cultivated area now, it is one of the main producing regions of grain of Shanghai, oil crop. Jinshan District is still the important production base of the non-staple food in Shanghai, the output calendars of the pig, egg, milk, aquatic products occupy the top three of suburbs.
There are abundant tourist resources, domestic big Kingsoft, little Kingsoft, Fushan in Jinshan District Three islands are remaining a pure land in Shanhai, primitive vegetation and rare plant that kept Shanghai by land on the island and the other areas have already disappeared, there are precious animals such as macaques,etc.. The spring of cold cave on large Kingsoft, it is a special skill, because its water quality sweet Lie even more, it is supernatural spring reputation . three islands Scenic, the climate is pleasant, it is an ideal travel, summer resort. Zhu Jing Fast Forest Temple, loose latent the intersection of China and tight tower, Qi site of ancient culture remains, the intersection of pavilion and the intersection of forest and good the intersection of small piece of land surrounded by water and site of ancient culture remains,etc. lay out new scene that ancient culture went sightseeing into spring and autumn and Western Han Dynasty such as mound such as house Will create, produce more masterpieces and show Kingsoft s social culture conditions and customs to common people in Kingsoft s peasant picture, black pottery art.
Face the new century, the opportunity for development in Jinshan District further appears. First, the opportunity of basic construction of facilities. two three horizontal longitudinals The shelf of high-speed network of highways will be here 15 Take shape progressively during this time, the construction of deep water port of large, small foreign mountain will be started soon, the traffic condition of Kingsoft will get fundamental improvement, the connection with city center and surrounding area will be strengthened greatly. Second, the opportunity of industry development. Four construction and development and construction of chemical industrial area of Shanghai of petrochemical industry of Shanghai, relied on the big chemical industry for Kingsoft, developed the chemical industry and extended the industry and formed a complete set to serve the industry and created the good opportunity. Third, potential region advantage. With the improvement of the traffic condition, Kingsoft will appear gradually as southwest door of Shanghai and bay advantage which is located in the gulf of Hangzhou, have offered the new opportunity for the fact that Kingsoft developed the logistics industry, storage industry, transport service.