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The enamel factory of Beijing travels Beijing of China

The enamel factory of Beijing travels Beijing of China

Write: Haven [2011-05-23]
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The enamel factory of Beijing travels  Beijing of China


The enamel factory of Beijing was established in January of 1956, comrade Guo Mo-ruo was its handwritten factory s name, it is an only China s time-honored brand in Chinese cloisonne enamel trade, produce and manage the professional enterprises of the largest scale of the cloisonne enamel, collect the research and development of products of the cloisonne enamel, make, the trade and business, travel are an organic whole, the important foreign affairs host organization of Beijing, demonstration pilot project of China s industrial tourism. Its enamel brand cloisonne enamel of Beijing of leading product is sold to China and world a lot of countries and regions. Changed into limited company from state-owned enterprise in November of 2002.
Skill is to select the national-level non-material cultural heritage project in the first batch that the cloisonne enamel is made, the passing on base that makes skill as the cloisonne enamel, produce and manage the famous enterprises of the cloisonne enamel, the enamel factory enjoys great prestige in the Chinese market with research and development advantage, superior quality and strong cultural grade of its products, the ones that and take shape famously Enamel of Beijing The brand, become the famous trade mark of Beijing. These decades, enterprises successively trained national level, numerous professional technicians and professional managerial talents such as the industrial art master at city level, senior industrial artist, technologist, engineer, senior technician, have formed three unique teams in the trade: Outstanding design, making really up to the mark, specialized management team, have accumulated abundant practical experience, it is greatest advantage and motive force of enterprise s sustainable development.
Enterprises produced Enamel of Beijing Brand cloisonne enamel, inherit the period of Ming and Qing Dynasties outstanding traditional skill and technique, develop simultaneously by inheritance and innovation, press close to life immediately following era Idea, while lasting cloisonne enamel artistic creation, it is there is traditional style not to put out constantly, classical works with era characteristics. These works all have development leaping compared with the cloisonne enamel products of the past from style of creating to artistic levels from craftwork to quality control. Model, line kind, color are great and abundant, cultural intension and artistic grade, having exceeded any historical period, the favorable comment of the insider well received by hobby of the cloisonne enamel, the collector outside China. The enamel product of Beijing win the country, department, gold medal at city level several dozen times, win good products in Beijing many times , leading brand products in Beijing Title. Zhongnanhai, the Great Hall of the People, Diaoyutai State Guesthouse,etc. receive the place importantly and diplomatically, display and have Enamel of Beijing Brand cloisonne enamel, a lot of classical products gave the political V.I.P. of the foreign head as country s gift. At the time of the return of Hong kong, the enamel factory designs and makes and presents the big bottle of join in the jubilation of the large-scale gift 70 of the celebration of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region for Beijing Municipal Government.
New China is established by the end of the eighties, the cloisonne enamel is famous for exporting, almost all exports of cloisonne enamel products which the enamel factory produced, sold to a lot of countries and regions in the world, account for the Chinese cloisonne enamel and export more than 70% of the total amount, the annual volume of export is hundreds of thousands dollars when found the factory, develop into the eighties over ten million dollars, it is a rich and influential family of foreign exchange earning of Beijing at that time, the whole crafts & arts trade came out at the top in Beijing. After the 1990s, the selling market of the cloisonne enamel was transferred to China by foreign countries. The development of social economy, the improvement of people s material educational level, the development of cloisonne enamel art has played a great push role, the enamel products of Beijing developed into more than 2,000 varieties at present from more than 350 kinds of the seventies.
After transformation, enterprises centre on up-market strategy, thinking of development of brand strategy firmly, utilize talents, technological advantage, famous factory, classic, famous product putting forth effort to make the cloisonne enamel trade. Research and develop new color glaze and green frit in environment protecting mode of cloisonne enamel actively; Explore, widen the intersection of cloisonne enamel and application of craft actively, outdoor the intersection of environment design and ornamental, indoor building decoration,etc. field make succeed in and try, and make breakthrough success. CBD elder brother s rich and powerful cloisonne enamel fountain on the safe square outwards, the cloisonne enamel fountain of melody of the life before the treasure museum of the Chinese folk art; The cloisonne enamel crafts are ornamental in the floor room of the special plane of the Capital Airport; The ultra large-scale cloisonne enamel is transferred to the project of hiding by the wheel etc., make the beginning of history, it is a break-through in the skill history of cloisonne enamel of more than 600 years. These explore and succeed the society of great impact, make enterprises make the good economic benefits.