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Garden of Xin an tablet Mt.Huang in Anhui of China

Garden of Xin an tablet Mt.Huang in Anhui of China

Write: Ajitabh [2011-05-23]

Garden of Xin   an tablet  Mt.Huang in Anhui of China

It is a typical emblem state private garden type building, it depends on wrapping the cloud peak according to Taibai Building, take advantage of practising the river, face the peaceful bridge, have causing and implicit abundant taking advantage of the technique of expression of the scene with the twists, the garden that makes this built in the tiny place near the mountain, seem deep and serene and very skillful.

It is famous because of displaying two sets of famous cards and carving Yu QingZhai and clear ancient bronze mirror hall . Whole the intersection of tablet and garden award pavilion courtyard, the intersection of Xi and pool, little day courtyard, a clear hall of courtyards, wrap cloud to be little to build courtyard,etc.

, make up partly really. A pair of big lions really award the pavilion courtyard by the door, the ancient Chinese ink is spread out fragrantly above the door Four words are questions of Chen CongZhou of calligraphist of contemporary Shanghai. The deep and serene wonderful corridor of Chinese ink form the organic whole through zigzagging in the other scenic spots.

Each scenic spot, except until appropriate position the rubbing from a stone inscription is displayed, put the scene each with particular emphasis, or is good at with the mountains and rivers, or as the main fact, or have water stone plum blossoms concurrently with the stone peak

The wonderful corridor of Chinese ink, play the function of each scenic spot of communicating on the building, it is a long corridor that specially displays the rubbing from a stone inscription. The good card of always high tablet of Xi county, is after Song Yuan particularly, gathering together carves and collects the card to become a common practice.

In the overth long corridor, display, get bright all in more than 200 cubic meters of authentic works of calligraphist the Jin Dynasty. The most excellent tablet is card of my clear room , hall card of clear ancient bronze mirror . whether I clear the intersection of room and card , carve self-evident the 24th year of perpetual calendar A.

D. 1596) . West the intersection of small stream and south the intersection of collector and Ting Wu, people of Xi, collect the Jin Dynasty, Tang Ming house Mexico copy very abundant Ming Dynasty, through greatly accepting painter Dong QiChang, continuing Confucianism to appraise and judge oldly at that time, the stone on the double hook when and invited people, famous expert of calligraphy and painting Yang Ming in the city, the intersection of collected books and the intersection of law and masterpiece remit, carve, succeed card its.

By his prosperous label with the title of a book on it Dong the rubbing from a stone inscription, divide six volumes of straight page, two volumes of continuation, more than ten treasures of everybodies of selecting Wang Xizhi, Wang Xianzhi, grandson to pass front yard, real minister of face, Su Shi, Mi Fu, Dongfang Shuo, thank a power offical etc.

, in existence amounting to 61 tablets. Except that the works which thank power offical, Su Shi are incomplete, other family s works are basically intact. The Japanese book opens up the incomplete book and old book of rubbings at the beginning when a museum collects card of my clear room , regarded as the law card.

The village writes books comments to card of my clear room in the famous calligraphy theoreticians of this country: Yu Jin, adopt the good one of the card since the Jin Dynasty and deserve to be called the hook copy such as the authentic work in the main, in Tang and Song Dynasty, adopt it from the authentic work completely, makes this card authoritative.