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The old street of pure small stream travels Nanjing of China

The old street of pure small stream travels Nanjing of China

Write: Marielle [2011-05-23]

The old street of pure small stream travels  Nanjing of China


Set out in Nanjing: Long-distance bus station or station of the east of long-distance bus takes the big bus Gaochun in the middle of Nanjing, can change in the district for holidays of going in Gaochun locality.
Drive by oneself: Set out from Nanjing,at go at a high speed airport it is 27 kilometer about,it is would rather high to go by 46 kilometers at a high speed when having not to rotate. Leave from the first export, go 8 kilometer about along pairs of high highway, transfer to, go the intersection of pagoda and way go 1.3 kilometers keep right, revitalize the way and go 0.6 kilometers and reach Gaochun along the town.


Set up the downtown streets formally since Song Dynasty, had already had a history of more than 900 years so far, it has been built by Ming and Qing Dynasties that there were many extant buildings, because a large number of merchants came from the south area of emblem state of Anhui in the period of Ming and Qing, so the architectural style had obvious emblemmed that sent the characteristic.
Keep the ancient street in most intact Ming and Qing Dynasties for Jiangsu Province in the old street of pure small stream, is praised as Nanjing second Confucius Temple . It is the national AAA grade travel scenic spot, provincial historic reservation unit.
Street this lie in the intersection of Nanjing and the intersection of city and the intersection of Gaochun and the intersection of county and pure the intersection of small stream and town, with old peculiar to famous for, it is a mart in Gaochun county.
Originally known as the just street, after the 1911 Revolution wins, in order to commemorate great revolutionary pioneer Mr. Sun Yat-sen, Yi Ming street of Zhongshan . After the Japanese aggressor troop occupies Gaochun, rename as Heping Street . After Japan surrenders, reply the name street of Zhongshan . the Culture Revolution During this time, rename it as Dongfanghong street . While carrying on the general survey of name of the place in 1982, reply the name street of Zhongshan again .
The street and old street of shop were established in the beginning bright, the constant construction which went through more than 500 years of Ming and Qing times, take shape one pair more than 800 meters long in history It is 1135 meters at first) ,A wide one about 3.5 meters The shape street, are also called a word street. Total length is 345 meters now.
The coming year will come in recent years, through repairing and transforming, act on repair old constantly The principle as before, the style and features of making the old street still keep in the past, the elegant antique sophisticated appeal that remain unchanged. The street all pave paving, both sides to pave longitudinally with blue and green ashy limestone strip stone with blue and green stone and blusher stone, arrange horizontally with the pink blusher stone in the middle. Complexion of the whole street is bright-colored, neat and esthetic.
The old street block is famous for classical building, the shops in the street are generally all building type double-deck brick timber structures, choose the eaves, sets of brackets on top of the columns, buttress wall, spread out sideways, engrave the window completely, fancily, simple and unsophisticated and magnificently. Because a large number of merchants came from the south area of emblem state of Anhui in the period of Ming and Qing, so the architectural style had obvious emblemmed that sent the characteristic, various informative, distinct in style.
Main view of old street Distributed in old street Qianlong ancient well , barrier king s temple , Village God s floor , Taoism statue , hall of folk custom of Gaochun the Room Yang , Jesus church And the perimeter one The tower of Prosun temple , multiple star pavilion Wait for the beauty spot, all differ from one another, rely mainly on representing old sincere ancient building art and abundant folk culture contained during that time.
Among them, hall of folk custom of Gaochun Show Taoism s supernatural portrait inside. Keeping alreadies have a history of more than 300 years, still clear and intact, still lucuriant in design. It is here to display The hall of folk custom of Gaochun Inside tile carving stone ( Wood) Carve, the skill in using a kitchen knife in cookery is fine and smooth, the expression is lifelike.
Meanwhile, old street first the holy land of revolution too. In Anti-Japanese War period, commandant Chen Yi is while leading a detachment of the New Fourth Army in person to fight east and pass by Gaochun June of 1938, been lying in the old street midsection Wu s ancestral hall Have set up the headquarter of a detachment of the New Fourth Army inside. Commandant Chen has done the united front work of resisting against Japan in a large amount during stay in Gaochun, and left Fight east to Gaochun for the first time Magnificent epic.
Dried bean curd, cake, garlic dish, it is the flavor food of Gaochun. And I am interested in that fragrant and also sweet and big and also round candied rice puffs alone. In front of shop to sell candied rice puffs, over grandma of sixty years old smile have a look I brimming all the time, expression in one s eyes that, just as mother afford to fond of. The old man has caught several to fill in conveniently after counting and putting the parched rice candy into facilitating the bag with foot, say for me to eat. This lets I think what has been carried back today is not only a bag of candied rice puffs, another slice of kindhearted warmth.
In recent years, the Huang bridge decisive battle , the choice of general , enter, pass the imperial examinations at the provincial level by Fan , the pieces of the intersection of document and auspicious the intersection of thorn and horse , the boat dweller large quantities of film and TV play find a view, shoot here.