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Travel in the harbour seashore paradise of the the first, second and third Shanghai of China

Travel in the harbour seashore paradise of the the first, second and third Shanghai of China

Write: Pragati [2011-05-23]

Travel in the harbour seashore paradise of the the first, second and third  Shanghai of China

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Participate in adult 50 yuans, children 38 yuans by sandy beach the prices of the bonfires is for 300 yuans /pile /hour,for 50 yuan for each persons in the tickets of the paradises when participating in by cartoons aquatic. Ride a horse, turn around 100 yuan for each person around sea.


Address: Stand for the 5th and export in east first Lujiazui of Subway Line No. 2 of East Road of China of Shanghai Pudong New Area, take the intersection of land and special line Cai, finally (about 90 minutes such as drive) one truck . From the circuit of driving: The Outer Ring ( Wusong tunnel) -Long Dong main road- The Far East main road- China East Road ( Eastwards on earth) The Outer Ring ( Bridge Pu) slowly -The intersection of usher and main road (A1 line eastwards) -The Far East main road( Northwards) -China East Road


The harbour of the first, second and third lies in Pudong The mother river The intersection of Sichuan and the intersection of river and mouth Yang, have the intersection of Pudong New Area and only the intersection of a 6 kilometers long life and water front, there the intersection of water and it link up, blue sky, on the Wan, the climate is pleasant. Regard going on tour as purport in the harbour seashore tourist zone of the the first, second and third, Hi-Tech participates in carriers, visitors the means, forming has seashore scenes, four major characteristic ones such as the modern architecture, rural area breath, green world, can satisfy the seashore excursion center needed at many levels.
The paradise lies in the cultural tourism development zone of tall building of China of Shanghai for holidays on the seashore of harbour of the first, second and third of Shanghai, the mouth of the Changjiang River, the shore of east China sea, adjoins Pudong International Airport, it is Pudong New Area that can only develop the life coastline utilized, the highland is wide on day, the air is fresh, it intersects in water, scenic, the natural condition is richly endowed by nature. In the past few years, with the construction of Pudong International Airport and development of harbour seashore tourist zone of the whole the first, second and third, make this hometown like the flower with buds just ready to burst, give out the pleasant fragrance more and more, the recreation community of senior administrative personnel in Sri Lankan of Link located in the tourist zone is green moor the international rural club, the intersection of sea and fresh table delicacies street, the intersection of seashore and square, the intersection of Pudong and the intersection of folk custom and hall, Feng revitalize strange the intersection of stone and hall and under construction tropical the intersection of sea and palace day, from north to south, like the colourful pearl, inlay in paradise Around, gorgeous, flamboyant, the developed traffic network makes you feel more easily and convenient. The paradise accounts for more than 560 mu in the water areas for holidays on the seashore of harbour of the first, second and third, it is the only natural bathing beach of Shanghai area, blank that his accomplishment has filled in the seashore of Shanghai and travelled. paradise Can receive the number of people as 15,000 persons per day in the inner bathing beach, consist of bathing beach, the intersection of children and recreation, the intersection of sandy beach and recreation, tent enjoy the cool and shade of woods stroll and the intersection of music and performance, East China Sea meet brilliance of the rising sun, long the intersection of dyke and the intersection of person who visit and area of function. Consist of the recreation room, tent, deposit the case in the outdoor bathing place, the large, small restaurant is distinct in style, bed, ship,etc. hire out articles, have sun umbrellas, sandy beach chair, float and arrange, float, offer the convenience to visitors recreation activity, the water event has yachts, yachts, pedalo,etc.. Pudong the intersection of folk custom and hall and Feng revitalize, hide the intersection of stone and hall cultural scenic spot day, form, relieve summer heat so as to swimming summer, Ji go sightseeing as an organic whole travel function by amusement on water and long-term culture spring and autumn, visit largely on the seashore The dyke square A mark of country s mother The tablet, make visitors have a sense of coming out one after another in wonderful scenery again.
The first, second and third the intersection of harbour and bathing beach utilize seashore build dyke, stop water, method filtered to clarify filtrate the sea water, form the blue sky green water where the scale reaches 350,000 square meters and extend golden sandy beach of 1300 meters. Blue day, clear water. Walk among the palm, coconut palm and forest, experience the shower of the scorching sun, sit under the sun umbrella, sample the purely strongly fragrant and aromatic coffee, and then stroll around hall of folk custom of Pudong, Feng TianXing and hide the stone hall, play with and explore the slideway, taste the vigorous seafood. The night comes, activities with ambience are more. You can have a look at the water curtain film, listen to the music performance, play beach volleyball, lie on the seashore seeing meteors, meeting the rising sun. 300 tents, 100 recreation room are prepared for this. Think that heads out (used at the end of a question)? Over 30 boats have already dressed up and prepared for the journey. The sound that wants to listen to the sea wind in the forest? There is seashore forest District of 10,000 square meters for a film nearby. The blue sky green water sandy beach is beautiful, safflower coffee of green tree is fragrant, see the sunrise the tide, product seafood strange stone, would you like to return to nature, let s go to the beautiful harbour of the first, second and third for shelter!