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Sh nt³u is one of China€™s five original SEZs. It€™s a port on the border with Fºji n and seldom visited by travellers.


Last updated: Feb 17, 2009

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Traffic The long-distance bus station in the west of dragon s railway station of hawk s pool of Tiger Mountain traffic guide is taken to the regular bus (5:30 17:30, at the interval of 15 minutes of the celestial water rock direction, ticket price is 5 yuan, ...Read More
Yesterday afternoon, Shantou Customs and Shantou Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau signed the Cooperation Memo on Promoting the Scientific Development of Shantou's Economy and Society. In the memo, the two sides have agreed on a number of cooperative ...Read More
Yesterday, a signing ceremony was held for the framework agreement on informationization cooperation between Shantou government and China Telecom Guangdong Branch ("CTGB"). In the five years to come, CTGB will invest over 3 billion yuan to speed up the ...Read More

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by Ziggy 2011-05-20
The high-tech industry in Shantou has been developing rapidly. By now, a carrier of high-tech industry that covers the whole city is basically in place. It is composed of Shantou High-tech Zone, provincial-level private technology park, bases of distinctive industries and specialized towns, and a fairly complete technical innovation system composed of public ...
by Delanna 2011-05-20
On June 28, the Shantou Regulatory Branch of China Insurance Regulatory Commission, one of the five pilot insurance regulatory branches of China Insurance Regulatory Commission at the prefectural level city, was formally founded and put into operation. It is reported that upon approval by the State Commission Office for Public Sector Reform, the China ...
by Thora 2011-05-20
The maiden flight to take off on April 30th signals the commissioning of the direct air route between Hong Kong and Shantou, which will be a great convenience to Hong Kong compatriots, Shantounese in Hong Kong and foreign friends who will come to Shantou for sight-seeing, fact-finding visits and visiting relatives and friends. As an effort to make Shantou's ...