The Shijingshan Amusement Park

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Various entertaining equipments are scattered among the verdure and beauty of the amazing landscape with the clear lakes and meandering paths and trails flanked by voluptuous grass and trees. The Gothic style Cinderella castle, the Arabian style restaurant, the European style bridge and Russian style Arcade are here to give you a comfortable welcome.

Atomic Pulley, brave turntable, the Giant Sight-seer Wheel are will lend you into a fairy-style land made possible by advanced technology and ingenuity of their designers. The pattern of the buildings inside has the Cinderella Castle with the statue of the Cinderella standing inside the artificial fountain as its centerpiece.

Various cartoon characters like Pinocchio, the Donald Duck, and the Mickey Mouse with the European style castles and statues are sure to give visitors a treat that they will be reluctant to part with.

Feature:An Entertaining Conglomerate that combines outlandish buidlings, horticultures and entertainment in one.

ADD: No. 25 Shijingshan Rd

Subway Line .
1. to get off at Bajiao Entertainment Center..
2.Take Bus No. 318、325、327、337、472、527、545、621、622、663、941、958、959、977

Opening Hours : April 1st to Oct 31st  8:30~17:00 ; 1ST November. to 31st March 9:00~16:30

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Ticket 10 yuan for each person; The ticket ticket price of recreation: 5 yuan 100 yuan for each person; A series of tickets ticket price of winter: 100 yuan for each person Traffic Take the subway to get off at Bajiao Amusement Park Stop, or the No. of public ...Read More
Star Rating: AA Introduction: With an area of nearly 100,000 square meters, Shijingshan Hope Park has about 40,000 flowers and trees. The park's architecture is European style. An arching bridge spans two lakes and reflects the surrounding trees. Food and ...Read More
Ticket 1 yuan Traffic The west the Huang s of transferring to No. 389, No. 622 or taking No. 958, 972 etc. gets off and arrives promptly to take a gleam of subway to Bajiao Amusement Park Introduce Hoped in the park and built in September of 1992, the whole ...Read More

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by Calida 2011-05-20
Home >> Beijing >> Society Hotel development fells park's trees Source: Global Times [08:36 April 13 2011] Comments Hotel construction is underway in a Shijingshan park. Photo: Yang Jie/GT By Yang Jie Residents' complaints could not save a Shijingshan park's trees from being removed for hotel construction. "It's possible that more space will be occupied and ...
by Keelin 2011-05-23
Traffic 337,389,817,Bus No. 747 and a gleam of subway get off at station of Bajiao Amusement Park Introduce Park this locate Shijingshan District in the west of the the intersection of Laoshan and sylies of residential block, it is a village relying mainly on afforestation that runs the park. There is one natural mountain in the garden, 2500 square meters of ...
by Darrell 2011-05-23
Ticket 10 yuan Traffic Stand in 200 meters of the east to the north in the apple orchard of the subway, or take No. 336, 501, 318, 965 and can be reached. After going from Chang an Avenue to the ancient city by car, turn right and keep straight on and arrive promptly to the end. Introduce The park of the four seas lies in Shijingshan District apple orchard, ...