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The base of quality of green field of Yongding River of Beijing travels Beijing of China

The base of quality of green field of Yongding River of Beijing travels Beijing of China

Write: Leverett [2011-05-23]

The base of quality of green field of Yongding River of Beijing travels  Beijing of China


The wild ticket of the Zoo of Beijing: 70 yuan for each person for adult, (include and plant trees expenses at 50 yuan for each person of student) ; Chinese cultural park ticket: 55 yuan for each person for adult, 30 yuan for each person for student.


Go to the Huang s by No. 901 from Gongzhufen, transfer to the regular bus which takes the Huang s to the north the Zang s


The quality educational base of green field of Beijing, it is the comprehensive large-scale base that incorporates teenagers character building education, agricultural tour, recreation amusement into an organic whole. Build share-issuing enterprise in June of 1998, registered capital is 11,980,000 yuan. Lie in fixing the side of river of the north villages and small towns of Daxing District, takes up an area of more than 10,000 mu. Have teenagers character building education area, center of amusement of agricultural tour, recreation, forest, meadow, orchard, desert,etc..
Teenagers character building education: There are auxiliary facilities such as military obstacle training, various soft hard pottery arts,etc.. Mainly receive Beijing and surrounding area student of university, middle and primary school, go for an outing in early spring and admire the beauty of flowers through spring, more than 60 kinds of activities of planting the life tree, my experiment field, summer camp, plucking, green military training of campsite, winter camp in gold autumn etc. carry on character building education.
Agronomy of high suburb visits the garden, adopt and connect with the modernized design of greenhouse of a type, cover an area of 13,000 square meters, divided into flower area, special dish district, mountain edible wild herbs district and show area, has gathered many kinds of name spending, high-quality special dish, importing the vegetableses,etc..
There are food and beverage, accommodation, sauna, billiards, shuffle ball, table tennis, meeting, swimming, paddle in the center of amusement of recreation more than 20 kinds of events such as the song and dance, can hold more than 600 people at the same time and get accommodation. By December of 2001, received 300,000 teachers and students of university, middle and primary schools totally, more than 200 big, medium and small Party schools participating in the conference established good cooperation relation, and become Xicheng District, work practice educational base of the teenagers that district State Education Commission such as Chongwen District, Chaoyang District, Dongcheng District, Fengtai district, Shijingshan District, Xuanwu District and Working Committee of Young Pioneers appoint.
In 2002, under the care and support of the leaders at all levels, the base would prepare to establish a unique recreation amusement project in Beijing area Parachute tower (parachute jumping, sky downhill, rock-climbing of high altitude,etc.) . After this project is built up, will add honor for exhibition of the people of green sweet travel in Daxing.