Yannanfei Tea Terrace Field Provincial Vocation Area

It is not only a beautiful tea plantation but also an elegant vocation village. It was opened up to tourists on October, 1997, reputed as “a bright pearl in the green meadow”.

2600 mu excellent tea is planted in the plantation. Besides, there are 500 mu excellent fruits, 2100 mu fast-growing and high-yield plantation and 900 mu green area. It is a special vocation village with the idea of cherishing nature and entering into the spirit of nature and reflects the culture of tea and Hakka culture perfectly.

Yannanfei Tea Terrace Field is an open tourist vocation village with strong tea culture, reputed as “a successful example of development in modern agriculture”. The main teas here are: Jindancong Wu-long tea, Ziran Xian g Wu-long tea, Jinguilan Wu-long tea, ginseng Wu-long tea, Jinguanyin Wu-long tea, may flower Wu-long tea. Besides, there is especially-made jasmine tea and azalea black tea to appeal to people with different tastes.