The Old Home of Huangzhunxian

The old home of Patriotic poet-Huangzhun Xian in the end of the Qing Dynasty was named “a house in the world”, according to the meaning of the verse of Taoyuanming “My house is built in the city, but I can’t hear the noise of the city”. The old home is on the bank of Zhou stream, which is 3 kilometers eastern of Meizhou city. It was built in the spring of 1884. There are three Chinese characters “a hut in the world” which was inscribed by Japanese calligrapher Dayuchenglaiwen   on the head still.

There are flower beds, a rockery, a fish pond, five-step pavilion, seven-step pavilion, pavilion for rest, a zigzag corridor, a pavilion without walls, a rainbow-shaped corridor and a pavilion for collecting books. Winding paths, balustrades, flowers and trees setting off one another, the scenes in the yard have an elegant taste. Huangzhunxian lived here in his later years and produced a large quantity of verses. Besides, he in person edited poetry-a house in the world.