Yinna Mountain and Lingguan Temple

The five peaks of Nayin Mountain stand together, hence it also called five-finger peak of Mei peak. It is 1,297 meters above sea level. You can see Meizhou and Chaozhou clearly on the top when it is a clear day.

The ancient temple-Lingguang Temple is one of the four famous temples in Guangdong province. The temple rested upon the mountain, with an area of 6,000 square meters. There are “three attractions” in the temple. The first attraction is “a living cypress and a dead cypress”.  Two cypresses which are 1,100 years old stand in front of the temple, one has been dead for 300 years but it is not rotten and stands upright with the other branchy one shoulder by shoulder. The second attraction is pineapple-shaped roof. The roof of the main hall was made into a helical sunk panel by over 1,000 rectangular timbers and the roof has a function like a ventilator (only two buildings have this functions and the other is Temple of Heaven in Beijing ). The third attraction is that there are lush growths of trees at the back of the main hall but there are no fallen leaves on the roof. It is still a mystery.