Tang Lake Thermo Mineral Sludge Mountain Villa of Wuhua County

Thermo Mineral Sludge Mountain Villa is one of the only two natural thermo mineral mud vocation areas. The temperature of the hot spring here is from 83 ℃ to 100 ℃, which is rarely seen in China and even in the world. Thermo mineral mud is the sticky silts on the bottom of the hot spring. The detected result shows that the hot spring and thermo mineral mud of Tang Lake contain over 60 microelements which are essential for human body. It is good for treating rheumatism, rheumatoid disease, arthritis, neuralgia, periarthritis of shoulder, sequela of fracture, etc. Besides, there are accessory functions of body-building, losing weight and making people more beautiful. It is reputed as “the oddest mud in the world”