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The iron pagoda was cast in 965. It is only 4.2 meters high, the length of each side is less than 2 meters and it is quadrate. The astonishing thing is that there are 250 Buddhas in different sizes on each side. There are 1,000 Buddhas in all, hence it gets the name.

The pagoda was originally built in Xiuhui Temple which was ruined. It was moved on the mountain in the eastern suburb of Meicheng in the early reign of Qianlong in the Qing Dynasty.  It was moved into a yard in 1989. A large tower which is 36 meters high and has 9 stages was built in 1990. The pagoda was put in the first stage of the large tower, 1,000 white marble Buddha statues were embedded on the inner walls of the large tower from the second stage to the ninth stage and 1,000 golden Buddha statues were put on the top stage.   

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Introduce Yuexi Thousand-Buddha Pagoda lie in the intersection of Dabie Mountain and the intersection of Anhui and the intersection of Yuexi and county of hinterland, from in the cloud law of county town, it have each it is salty last the Eastern Jin Dynasty ...Read More
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This secluded temple of 10,000 Buddha's is situated high on the hillside above the Sha Tin Railway Station. Visitors can reach the temple via the 431 steps leading up to the temple's main altar. The reward is not merely 10,000, but 12,800 statues of Buddha, ...Read More

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by Gavan 2011-05-23
The Zhangye Grand Buddha Temple was constructed 900 years ago during the Yong'an Era of Emperor Chong of Western Hsia. The name of the Grand Buddha Temple has changed several times. Previous titles include: The Jiaye Rulai Temple, The Baojue Temple, and The Hongren Temple. China s largest indoor reclining Buddha, the Nirvana of ?akyamuni Buddha, lies in this ...
by Merrick 2011-05-23
Iron Pagoda Sitting northeast of the urban area of Kaifeng City with an area of 512,400 square meters, the Iron Pagoda Park named after the Iron Pagoda is one of the 100 famous Chinese parks. Constructed in 1049 during Song Dynasty, the pagoda today stands in the east of the park under national protection. Iron Pagoda is 55.88 meters in height with thirteen ...
by Clymene 2011-05-23
Beijing White Pagoda Temple (Baita Si) , also known as White Dagoba Temple or White Stupa Temple, is a national major historical and cultural site under state protection. It is located off of Fuchengmennei Dajie in downtown Beijing. The Pagoda is actually only part of the Tibetan Miao Ying Temple, but since it is the temple's most prominent feature, locals ...