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8000 mu famous tea is planted on Tea Mountian, such as, Dancong, Qilan, Huangjingui. Besides, there are 3500 mu excellent fruits, such as, Shatian grapefruit, litchi fruit, and green olive. It is convenient for cars to drive up the hill because of a 5-kilometer hillside cement highway.  

There are pavilions for viewing tea and rockeries built on each tops of the mountain. Besides, there is a huge teapot which is 7.8 meters in height and a huge cup which is 3 meter in diameter. Maybe they are the largest teapot and cup in the world. Tourists here can experience the working processes of planting tea, picking up tea and making tea in person.

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The naturally ecological protection zone of body-building and recreation of Longjing tea mountain, protect regional area of more than 2000 mu, average and over 300 meters above the sea level, the climate is cool in summer and warm in winter. One takes the ...Read More
Dragon Well Tea Plantation Covering an area of 132 acres, the Dragon Well Tea Plantation in Dragon Well Village of Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, faces the West Lake to the west and Qiantang River to the south. Dragon Well Village is a picturesque wonderland ...Read More
Meijiawu Tea Village Meijiawu Tea Village is located in the west of Hangzhou's West Lake scenic area, close to the West Lake in the east district and just south of the famous Buddhist Lingyin Temple. Known as the "Ten Miles Meiwu", the Meijiawu Village is an ...Read More

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by Zaid 2011-05-20
Li Zhihong, a tea merchant from Taiwan, visits his 160-hectare tea plantation in Yongfu, Fujian province, in March. It is the hometown of his ancestors and the Taiwan Oolong tea. [Photo / China Daily] XIAMEN, Fujian - Tea merchant Li Zhihong is striving to tame Taiwan Oolong tea on the mainland. "The tea originally came from Fujian, just like me," said Li, ...
by Mason 2011-05-23
About day tea ,Folk so far a very interesting story spreads. Long long ago, a little Taoist priest presented the master worker s life with respect and went down the hill and purchased the things, while coming back, see that there is a person that is selling the well done beef by the mountain path. The small Taoist priest smells perfume, start drooling, see ...
by Babette 2011-05-23
Across the dangerous hills and rivers of Hengduan Mountain Range, in the wild lands and forests across the Rooftop of the World , a mysterious ancient road winds and wonders. It is one of the most heart quaking roads on this planet. For thousands of years, numerous caravans had been quietly traveling along it. Standing on the Road, you can still see clearly ...