Birds' Heaven

Birds’ Heaven is surrounded by water. A banyan tree was growing at the small piece of water encircled land, while later this single tree kept on growing and flouring into a small considerable forest, the crown of the tree spreads over an area of one hectare. In this green island, there inhabited dozens of thousand birds from more than ten families. Egrets and grey feather egrets claim the largest number in China. The former ones go out at dawn and come back after dusk while the latter do in reverse. The birds just enjoy themselves and are not afraid of people.

Ba Jin, a famous writer, visited this place and wrote a travel note “Birds’ Heaven”. Therefore, the banyan tree has a poetic name- Birds’ Heaven. It is said that the tree was planted during the years in the reign of Song Emperor Jingtai and has more than 500 years’ history now.

It is the biggest natural garden to appreciate birds in the whole county, and also is a famous scenic spot which tourists’ thoughts fly to. Besides, Birds’ Heaven is a famous international ecotourism scenic spot in the Hometown of Overseas Chinese in Xinhui, Guangdong Province. It is located in Tianma Village which is 10 kilometers to the city. Birds’ Heaven has hundreds of years’ history and covers an area of 18 mu. If you watch it at a long distance, it is like a floating oasis of banyan trees. Therefore it is praised as the wonder of southland. There are tens of thousands of wild aigrettes inhabiting on the beautiful tree. They go out at dawn and come back after dusk. They formed beautiful scene when they are quacking and whirling dancing. This natural scenery appears in the place where the people gather, which has been last for 348 years. We can see that here birds and people are in harmony and developing side by side, the scenery is rare in the world, which attracts many tourists from all over the world in the past years.

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