Dayan Mountain Scenic Spot

Dayan Mountain is facing to Xijiang River. It gained its name for its figure resembling a wide goose. The scenic spot covers an area of 300 hectares. And the altitude of the highest peak in the mountain range is 310 meters. Dayan Mountain together with Xijiao Mountain is mutually called Sister Mountain. The picturesque landscape consists of undulated ridges and peaks, strange stones, flourishing green trees, winding brooks, temples and pavilions. From the foot to the top of the mountain, there are more than ten scenic spots along the climbing way such as Yanshan Gate, Banshan Pavilion, Haihui Temple, Shizi (Lion) Peak, Yanshanpinghu Lake, Riyue Peal, Luyou Pavilion, Era tower, Number 1 Scholar Mill, Zoo, Barbecue Village, Ricebird Flower, Qingjie Pool, Haiyuan cave, Natural Laughing Buddha, Xueyuan (vowing) Tree, Guiren Peak and so on. On top of the mountain, one could have a bird eye view over six neighboring cities. There are Heshan City, Gaoming City, Xinhui City, Zhongshan City, Shunde City and Nanhai City. You can appreciate the scenery of Chu Chiang Delta. Indulged into the beautiful landscape, you could not say anything but to highly praise this inspiring place where produced those outstanding people.

Celebrity Hall was set up in the Dayan Scenic Spot where collects a great many historical celebrities, presents the records of well-known people both from home and broad, the famous people who had done outstanding contributions to Heshan City and some important political people who had visited Dayan Mountain. There is jellied bean curd in the outside of Celebrity Hall which is made of high qualified spring with traditional method. The jellied bean curd is tender with rich flavor. If you drink a bowl of jellied bean curd on the way of climbing, you will feel fresh and comfortable.

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