Guifeng Mountain

Guifeng Mountain is also called Yudai Mountain with 442-meter attitude. It gained its name because of its shape resembling Guibi. It is said that there were many cherry bays on the mountain in the Tory Dynasty, so it had the name “ Guilin g”. Its top is round just like a platform. Guifeng Mountain is not only famous in Nanyue for its virescence, but also much more famous than Wuyi for its historic sites. Guifeng Mountain is located in the northern suburb of Huicheng. It takes you 20 minutes on foot from northern section of the city to Guifeng Mountain. 

Guifeng Mountain is famous for its “green, odd and deep”. The altitude of the highest peak is 545 meters. 98% of the mountain is covered with thick trees, grasses and flowers. Guifengtiecui is one beautiful scenic spot of the top eight scenic spots in Xinhui. There is Yudaikeng in the scenic spot where the density of negative-ion in the sky is more than 40.000 per cu.com. Therefore it is a famous scenic spot for tourists to rest and cultivate their morality. On the hillside, there is a maple forest which nearly covers 300 hectare. The forest will turn into a fiery-red world when winter comes. The beautiful landscape attracts a great many tourists to come here to appreciate the red leaves of maple trees. Guifeng Mountain is one of the top ten mountains in Guangdong.  It is a place for very learned people to teach and dignitaries to cultivate themselves according to a religious doctrine. Su Dongpu, an eminent writer in Song Dynasty, had visited here and written poems and then inscribed it on a scroll; Shen Shitian, a great painter in Ming Dynasty, had been here and drawn Yutai Map; Chen Baisha, a famous scientist in Ming Dynasty, had been here to give lectures; Huang Gongfu, a high official in ancient China, had cultivated himself throng meditation and resisted Qing Dynasty here after his retired. And today there is still Huang Gongfu Grave and the temple in the memory of him. Besides, Huang Cao in Tang Dynasty and Huang Xiao in Ming Dynasty had pitched camp here. Today, some historical sites here are still well preserved such as Dianjiang Platform, The Seat of Empress’ Father, and Maidan and so on.

Cloud-sea and rain fog is a charming weather sight on the Guifeng Mountain. And Guifeng Mountain is the best place to appreciate the sun. There are tens of thousands of people gathering here on the Double Ninth Festival.

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