Liangyuan Park

Liangyuan Garden is famous as four famous gardens of Guangdong Province in Qing Dynasty together with Yuyinshan Villa in Fanyu, Keyuan Garden in Dongguan and Qinghui Garden in Shunde.

Liangyuan Garden was built during the reign of Emperor Jiaqing and Emperor Daoguang of Qing Dynasty. Liang Airu, the senior scholar of Grant Secretariat, constructed this garden elaborately with his nephews Liang Jiuzhang, Liang Jiuhua and Liang Jiutu. The garden was called Liangyuan just because it was a private garden of Liang clan. The garden is large in scale and composed by several parts. The main sectors are “Twelve Stone Rooms", "Qunxing Thatched Hall ", "Fenjiang Thatched Cottage" and "Han Xian g Inn"

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