Hongsheng Wushu Centre

Foshan Hongsheng Wushu Centre was originated in the first year of the reign of Xian feng of Qing Dynasty (1815 A.D.). The former name of this center was Foshan Cailifo Wushu Center and Chen Xiang is the person who created Cailifo Boxing. At the first year of the reign of Emperor Guangxu of Qing Dynasty, Zhang Yan, the best disciple of Chen Xiang, succeeded to be the owner of this Wushu centre. And he changed the name into Hongsheng Wushu Centre. Hongsheng Wushu Centre is one of the earliest Wushu centers in China with a great number of members.

Categories of Chinese Boxing:

Hongsheng Wushu Centre gives priority to the Chinese boxing that Qingcao Monk (one of Chen Xiang’s masters) handed down. This kind of Chinese boxing is called Neiwai Eight Diagram Boxing. Ordinary boxing has merely one hundred tricks, but Neiwai Eight Diagram Boxing has 1080 tricks totally. All these tricks imitate the movements of ten animals, such as the dragon, the snake, the tiger, the leopard, the crane, the lion, the elephant, the horse, the monkey and the tiger cat. The boxing includes eleven kinds of skills in it, like outflank, sneak attack, block, rise, lie low, hide, ambush, move forward and move backwards. It is said that the boxing created in this way will do good in charging against the enemy line. Chen Sheng divided Neiwai Eight Diagram Boxing to three series and made it easy to learn. He predigested it to Long Punch Boxing with 360 tricks, Flat Boxing with 280 tricks and Tap Boxing with 180 tricks.