Foshan Folk Art Research Institute

Foshan Folk Art Research Institute was found by the government in 1956, in the purpose of researching, inheriting and developing the traditional folk arts of Foshan. It has received a great number of government officials, famous scholars and celebrated artists. All of them has set a high appraise to artistic achievements of the institute.

Covering a displaying area of nearly 1600 square meters, Foshan Folk Art Research Institute exhibits folk arts of Foshan and traditional handicrafts from all over the country. The skilled performances of craftsmen working on the handicrafts can also be seen in the institute, which provides an opportunity for tourists to experience the rich cultural and historical traditions of Foshan.

Having a long history, Foshan is a famous ancient town in China for its flourishing handicraft industry, which is well-known all over the world. According to historical records, the highly skilled folk arts of Foshan dated up to the Ming Dynasty (1364-1683). Enjoys a good reputation, Foshan Folk arts are rich in local features, and the items include paper cutting, tying, colored lantern, paintings, calligraphy, and sculpture.

Tips & articles

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