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Foshan City is located in south central Guangdong Province, the hinterland of the Pearl River Delta. It is 28 kilometers east to Guangzhou and neighbors Hong Kong and Macau in the south. Thus, it enjoys a good location and convenient transportation. It covers an area of 3848.49 square kilometers and has a population of 5,923,000.

As a famed hometown of overseas Chinese, Foshan is the ancestral home for overseas Chinese and compatriots of Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan amounting to 1.3 million, among which there are some world-renowned people including Chinese martial masters Huang Feihong and Li Xiaolong.

Foshan together with Hankou Town, Jingde Town and Zhuxian Town are regarded as four ancient towns in China. They are all known home and abroad for the advanced handicraft industry. The delicate and skillful folk arts there have long histories and are full of the local color. They could be dated back to the Tang and Song Dynasties and flourished during the Ming and Qing Dynasties.

The folk arts have their own unique characteristics. Through the skills including cutting, curving, modeling, binding, casting, painting and attaching, then come out the artworks, paper-cut, fancy lantern, autumn harvest, graphic art, painting and calligraphy. They are popular with the masses with their strong local features.

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Foshan Paper-cut Foshan paper-cut has a long history that can trace back to Song Dynasty, but the prosperous time is in Ming Dynasty and Qing Dynasty. From Ming Dynasty, in Foshan there appeared paper-cut profession, the products are very popular in Guangdong ...Read More
Ancestral Temple of the Chen Family Ancestral Temple of the Chen Family is also called Chen Clan Academy which is a place both for offering up sacrifices to ancestors and for study. Now the Chen Clan Ancestral Temple in Guangzhou City, the Ancestors' Temple in ...Read More
No visit to Foshan is complete with a visit to Foshan Ancestral Temple. It is said that it was first built in the period of Yuanfeng during the North Song Dynasty, dedicated to Emperor Xuantian who believed in Daoism. The building complex covers an area of 3...Read More

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by Jin 2011-05-23
Constructed in 1850, the 13th year in the reign of Emperor Daoguang of the Qing Dynasty, Ke Garden in Dongguan City, together with Qinghui Garden in Shunde City, Yuyinshan s House in Fanyu City, and Liang s Garden in Foshan City, is ranked as one of the four famous gardens under the key protection of Guangdong Province. Ke Garden, looking like a triangle as ...
by Cromwell 2011-05-23
Open hour 8:30 17:00 Ticket 10 yuan Traffic Unless from Quanzhou urban area 7 kilometers, 15 kilometers of airports from Jinjiang,from after small piece of land surrounded by water 15 kilometers of harbours, belong to state towns abundant will fit in the south. Special No. 6, bus No. of bus of special line 602 of travel can be reached in Quanzhou urban area. ...
by Randolph 2011-05-23
Lie in the intersection of Nan an and abundant the intersection of state and town, from the intersection of Quanzhou and the intersection of city and 7 of west door, classify as the Key Cultural Relic Unit under State Protection of the province in 1961. Prayed for the stone engraving of wind in Song Dynasty on the mountain, classified as the national Key ...