Stillwell Museum

No.130 of Jian She Xin Cun ( originally No.3 of Jianling Xin Cun) in Chongqing, was once used by the National Government as the house for distinguished guests. After General Joseph W. Stilwell's arrival in Chongqing on March 4, 1942, the place was made his headquarters and residence. Every time when he came to Chongqing during his two-year-and-eight-month service in China Theatre, the general lived here and conducted military conferences, held press meeting and met Chinese and foreign visitors.

The house was reconstructed and used be the government after 1949. It was turned into Gen. Stiwell museum in 1991 by the Chongqing People's Municipal government.

On display in the museum is an extensive display of mostly US-supplied photos, documents, articles and video.

Tips & articles

The General Joseph W. Stilwell Museum is situated in the Yuzhong Region of Chongqing, and occupies an area of 7.2 mu (about 1.2 acres). It was founded in memory of Joseph W. Stilwell, an American general who contributed a great deal to the Chinese people. ...Read More