Yalu River Scenic Resort And Historic Site


It is situated at the middle and lower reaches of the Yalu River in the Dandong City, extending from the mouth of the Hun River in the east to the Dadong Harbor in the west.


It was approved as a state-level key scenic spot by the State Council in 1988.


The Yalu River Scenic Resort and Historic Site is 803.2 kilometers long, while the scenic area is 210 kilometers long and covers an area of about 400 kilometers. The major views are of the water and the mountains decorating the landscape. The historical attractions enjoy quite a long history. You can have a glance at the scenery of North Korea and China by traveling along the river.

Yalu River Scenic Historical Area is composed of six scenic areas with 100 attractions. It is a region of abundant natural and human landscapes: Shuifeng Lake is immense and picturesque, Tiger Mountain Great Wall stands firmly by the river, and Yalu River Broken Bridge is full of bullet holes. There are also ancient cave relics, primitive village relics and modern garden architecture.

The Yalu River Scenic Area covers a large area and contains the following major scenic spots: