The Sea Of Bamboo

The Sea Of Bamboo

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Xingzhuang Village. It is south of Yixing City.

Special Distinction:

It is called the “No. 1 Sea of Bamboo in East China” and the “No. 1 Source of Taihu Lake.”

Brief Introduction:

It is named “The Sea of Bamboo” because of the large area of bamboo groves south of Yixing that is about 120 square kilometers in area. You can see the bamboo at Xingzhuang Village. The area has winding roads and gurgling streams, and if you take a bird’s-eye view, green waves dance with the wind, rising and falling. When the wind blows, you can hear the sound of the wind through the bamboo leaves. The place is also used to shoot movies.

The Sea of Bamboo consists of the gate service area, the Jinghu area, the Jade Promenade Area, the Waterfall Area, bamboo groves, an ancient temple area and a tea area.

How to go there:

Travelers can take Tourist Bus No. 1 to go there. The ticket is 7 RMB. Sightseeing buses are available in the Sea of Bamboo. The ticket is 5 RMB.

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